The Cast Of Teen Mom Reacts To The Presidential Election

Just in case you were wondering, the cast of MTV’s Teen Mom gave their initial reactions over the election, and the politics surrounding the historical election, which saw President Obama winning a second term. The cast of Teem Mom from their respective seasons took to Twitter to share their play by play reactions over the big night, voicing their disdain for voting, their candidates, and much more. Not surprisingly, some of the Teen Mom cast members have a right wing approach, and some just didn’t bother to vote at all.

Catelynn Lowell from season one of Teen Mom, caused a little confusion for her followers when she posted her original tweet, “It’s Election Day You lose every right to bitch about the president the second you don’t vote! That’s y I don’t complain about it.” That tweet, that has since been deleted, stirred some of her fans up with in addition to other tweets that were later deleted, “No, no, no!! You must vote.” Followed by, “I don’t vote because I believe they all lie and r just saying what we all want to hear.”

When she was questioned about how she was using her Twitter to voice her opinion on not voting, Lowell tweeted again in defense, by stating, “nope just said what I do didn’t tell anyone to do anything. Plus I voted. Voted for Obama last time.” However, one should be aware that Lowell is contradicting herself, as she was a spring chicken at the young age of 16 during the 2008 election, which made her illegible to vote.

While Lowell was confusing her followers with her contradictory statements, Tyler Baltierra kept it simple in his own words. It’s obvious to see that all the election talk in general was bothersome to him:

Gary Shirley, who’s always on again off again with his baby mama, Amber, who is currently incarcerated, expressed his opinion on the election results, stating:

However, Shirley tweeted conflicting responses when his followers complained about his supposed Obama endorsement, which lead to a series of confusing tweets. Shirley stated, “Who said I voted for him? Who said I even voted,” Gary continued tweeting another statement, “Who said I didn’t vote?” After blocking the anti-Obama follower, he singled out the person and called them, “really dumb” and blocked her.

Farrah Abraham from season one of Teen Mom didn’t mince her words when she announced via Twitter who she was voting for on election day:

On the opposite side of the fence was Jenelle Evans, who was all for Obama’s victory, and playfully tweeted her reaction:

“If you havin election problems I feel bad for you son,I got 44 presidents and Mitt Romney ain’t one” omgggg haha seriously made me laugh. — jenelle evans (@PBandJenelley_1) November 7, 2012

Corey Simms, another Teen Mom cast member seemed to be absolutely devastated at the win of President Barack Obama tweeting:

“Wow…. We are soooooooo screwed!!! I’m so in shock right now!!! Good luck to everyone hope y’all make it in the next 4 years!!”

Do you agree with the cast of Teen Mom?