Savannah Chrisley Accused Of Texting And Driving Before Car Wreck

Savannah Chrisley is being accused of texting while driving, which some believe to be the cause of the recent car accident where she injured her vertebra. She was quick to fire back at the internet trolls who are making these accusations.

A few days ago, the Chrisley Knows Best star was rushed to the hospital after the vehicle she was driving rammed into a railing. Savannah shared the news on social media along with a photo of herself on the hospital bed and the wreck itself.

While many have been checking in on Savannah Chrisley’s condition since the accident and are hoping she will be back on her feet soon, many choose to get to the bottom of how the car wreck happened in the first place.

Some say that she was texting behind the wheel. Others hit her with vile comments about how it was all her fault Savannah wrecked her car. All these accusations truly hurt the 19-year-old reality star.

Chrisley recently opened up to People about the mean things that users have been sending her through her social media in the wake of the car wreck.

“It’s shocking to me how people can look at a situation and say, ‘Oh, she was texting or she was doing this or that,’ but they have no idea what was going on. They somehow want to blame my parents and say, ‘She deserves it, she had it coming.'”

Savannah says she is upset and at the same time mad about it, adding that she cannot wrap her head around how these individuals can play experts of the horrible wreck, which they have not the slightest idea about.

“People in the world see what we put on social media and they see the show and think they know everything about us, but they have no idea. People say hurtful things like that; it hurts my dad and mom because the situation could have ended a lot differently. So for them to say negative comments, that’s so uncalled for.”

Chrisley maintains that she was, in no way, texting and driving before the accident. She explains that she was not able to hit the brakes “to the full extent” after the floor mat rolled up, making them difficult to get to.

She adds that she attempted to tug the mat back in place with one hand and then kept her other hand on the wheel, but because it was foggy, she did not see anything, ultimately losing control and wrecking the vehicle into the guardrail.

Despite the swelling negativity, Chrisley chooses to look at the bright side of the situation, which is the fact that she got out of the car wreck alive.

“Now I look back and think, ‘What if I were texting? What if I didn’t have a seatbelt on?’ It could’ve been way worse. I’m just glad I had a seatbelt on.”

Savannah chooses to focus on the support and prayers her beloved Chrisley clan, her friends and fans have been showering her rather than the nasty remarks hurled at her by haters and trolls. She has been getting a lot of love ever since the accident with USA Network president Chris McCumber as one of her well-wishers.

Her vertebra injury from the car wreck meant Savannah Chrisley would be experiencing pain throughout her neck, back and shoulders while her fingers and hands will stay numb.

On her Instagram post as seen above, Savannah said that it would take “a month or so” to fully recuperate physically. The self-made millionaire Todd Chrisley’s daughter also feels spiritual and mental healing is in order.

Despite this, fans would not miss the star in the small screen seeing that Chrisley Knows Best will be back with its fifth season on February 21 on USA Network.

Savannah Chrisley sees the car wreck as a wake-up call and God’s way to show her “what is truly important in life and to put my focus back on Him.”

[Featured Image by David Becker/Stringer/Getty Images]