Donald Trump Doesn’t Understand Electoral College? Tweets About Women’s March Draw Criticism, Concerns

Does Donald Trump understand how the Electoral College works? Many Americans are asking that question because of his scathing response to the Women’s March that took place on Saturday, Jan. 21. As expected, the new president fired back at protesters and criticized their actions claiming they “should’ve voted” if they didn’t want him in office.

According to The Hill, he took to Twitter with a critical response. He also slammed celebrities who participated in the marches. “Watched protests yesterday but was under the impression that we just had an election!,” he tweeted on Sunday morning. “Why didn’t these people vote?”

Then less than an hour later, he contradicted the controversial tweet by saying he recognized the “rights of people to express their views.”

Since Trump winning the election is a result of electoral votes as opposed to the popular vote, many Americans have questioned whether or not he thoroughly understands the electoral college and how he actually won the election. According to The Independent, Hillary Clinton won the popular vote with more than 65 million votes. He actually lost the popular vote by 2.86 million. So, there is a possibility the vast majority of the estimated three million people who participated in the march actually did vote for the Democratic hopeful.

Opposing Americans and news outlets are voicing concerns about Trump’s tweet and, needless to say, many of the comments are relentless. In fact, many believe the tweet is another indicator of his lack of political knowledge, which raises more concerns about his ability to effectively run the country. Like many previous incidents, his focus on the media, as opposed to politics, also raises concerns.

Here are some of the tweets:

Trump’s scathing comments come less than a day after the marches concluded. It has been reported that three million women participated in the nationwide protests. Marches took place in many of the larger cities across the country including Washington, D.C., Boston, Los Angeles, and New York City. Celebrities like Madonna, Charlize Theron, Drew Barrymore and Lena Dunham participated in Marches. In fact, Ashley Judd also appeared at TED conference where she attacked the video game industry for misogyny, reported Venture Beat.

“Online misogyny is a global gender rights tragedy, and it is imperative that it ends,” Judd said. “I’m so tired of hearing you talk to me about how deplorable #GamerGate was when you’re still making billions of dollars off games that maim and dump women for sport,” she said. “Basta! As the Italians would say. Enough.”

Even men stepped out in many cities to march in solidarity with women. According to the Huffington Post, a few men actually explained why they attended the march and how women’s rights also impact their lives. “What brings us out here today? Solidarity. Women. Queer rights. Immigrant rights. Black Lives Matter. And unity,” said Colin who participated in the Women’s March on Washington.

Another participant named Alan explained the march from the perspective of a husband and father.

“I am deeply offended by the tone our new president has set. I wouldn’t like my 14-year-old son or daughter to think it’s normal to talk about women the way our president has. My son made that sign himself. He gets it. He knows it’s not OK to treat women the way the president has treated women, and it is OK to protest.”

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[Featured Image by Mark Wallheiser/Getty Images]