Presidential Candidates 2020 Odds: Patriots’ Tom Brady, Senator Cory Booker, Michelle Obama Current Odds

Donald Trump has only been the President of the United States for a mere 48 hours, yet his detractors are already counting down the days until the 2020 presidential candidate election.

Countdown clocks, memes, and tons of rants have flooded social media the past day and a half as the controversial billionaire businessman settles into the Oval Office – not to mention the hundreds of protests that have taken place the past few days as well. For better or worse, the hype around Donald Trump right now is at a fever pitch.

Another hot item since Trump has taken his seat as the leader of the free world is a list of possible 2020 Presidential candidates and their odds to win four years from now.

Irish sports book Paddy Power put the 2020 Presidential odds out back in November, but they have been picking up steam ever since Donald Trump was officially sworn into office.

Four years is a long time to look ahead and predict who would be the next president following Donald Trump. However, Patty Power’s prop bet list includes several people that would be hard to imagine as President.

That being said, if someone had told you four years ago when Barack Obama was being sworn in for his second term that Donald Trump would be the new President four years later, most people would have had a good chuckle and asked if you had been feeling okay or perhaps had a glass or two too much at the local watering hole.

While many of the candidates listed on the current odds board at Paddy Power are athletes and celebrities that we should take with a grain of salt, as history has now shown us let’s not laugh at who the Irish sports book has listed as possibilities of taking over the reins in 2020, it may just happen!

Of course at the top of the odds list is Trump himself at 11 to 10 odds.

US Presidential Odds 2020

Right behind Trump and leading for the Democrats is Michelle Obama at 8 to 1 odds. Obama made it clear over a month ago that she has no interest in politics and wouldn’t consider a run for the White House because as she explained she “wouldn’t want to put her kids through that again.”

You can’t blame her for that, but four years is a long time, and you never know how things can shape up. Obama could be long forgotten by then and just remembered as one of the many first ladies to ever grace the White House, or she may have a change of heart a year or two down the road and want to throw her hat into the political ring. Either way, as of right now Paddy Power is not giving up on her as the leading Democratic candidate for 2020.

Senator Cory Booker

According to a NewsMax report, Democrat New Jersey Senator Cory Booker is a hot name going around at the moment regarding making a 2020 bid for the White House.

Booker’s speech against fellow Senator Jeff Sessions raised many eyebrows and left many to believe that he may be gearing up for a presidential run. Booker is downplaying 2020 now, but that is what all future candidates seem to do.

“I don’t want the discussion right now because I think that’s an attempt to distract people from the work we have to do right now,” the New Jersey Democrat, attending the Women’s March in Washington, D.C., told CNN. “I’m open to fighting.”

Other Dems who are on the early list to make a run at the White House in 2020 include Elizabeth Warren (11/1), Amy Klobuchar (16/1) former Vice President Joe Biden (18/1) and Hillary Clinton at 14/1.

Thinking outside the box, how about a football star in the Oval Office?

Can you picture New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady as the new Commander-in-Chief?

Tom Brady Presidential Odds

Brady, who is admittedly a good friend of Donald Trump, is listed on the odds board at 66/1. Along with his Patriot teammates, Brady will be a bit busy on Sunday facing the Steelers as he looks to help New England advance to another Super Bowl.

While he has no political experience, Brady does look like he could play the role of the President on a television series, and hey, we do currently have a TV star in the White House right now, so never say never.

Interestingly enough, Brady’s odds are much better than Jill Stein’s and Gary Johnson’s, both of whom ran for the White House in the latest election.

Will Hillary run for the third time? Could Kanye West be serious about his promise to run in 2020? Kevin Spacey has the look of a President, how about his chances as a Democrat to go against Trump?

Buckle in, it is going to be a bumpy ride!

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