Delaware Mom Gets Probation For Raping Her Daughter’s 13-Year-Old Boyfriend

A 46-year-old woman from Dover, Delaware has been given probation for raping her daughter’s 13-year-old boyfriend and despite the boy’s pain and embarrassment, the judge believes that jail is not the answer. Apart from being sentenced to probation, Elaine B. Goodman will register as a sex offender and will undergo counselling.

On March 15, 2015, the boy snuck out of their house at around 1 a.m. and met up with his girlfriend’s mother. The boy got inside Goodman’s car where he was instructed on what he must do. The acts continued until 4:30 a.m. DNA samples were later found in the car which supported the boy’s claims.

The authorities also got hold of Goodman’s mobile phone and found several text messages in which the defendant described the boy’s body to her friend. “I asked him what in the world are u doing with a body like that at 13,” one of the messages read.

Goodman was then arrested in November 2015. The attorney general who handled her case opted not to comment on the sentence which some believe was rather light. Goodman’s lawyer maintained that the defendant felt sorry for what she did. “I know sorry is just a word, but I really am,” she reportedly said in court as per ABC 7.

Judge Robert Young at the Kent County Superior Court said that prior to committing the misdeed, Goodman looked after her elderly parents as well as other senior community members. As per the Independent, Young believes that jailing her is not the answer.

“This came out of the blue. The crime is egregious and affected the victim and his family, which was taken into account. But incarceration is not the answer.”

On the other hand, deputy attorney general Denise Weeks-Tappan said that Goodman’s deed is affecting the boy in several ways.

“This mom, who [the boy] trusted, instructed him on what to do. The crime has affected the victim in many ways. He’s hurt, embarrassed and it is affecting his schooling. When the defendant committed this crime, she took something away from him. He was not a willing participant, but a victim.”

Why Some Female Sex Offenders Choose Younger Victims

Franca Cortoni, a Criminology professor at the University of Montreal, told the Telegraph that there are specific reasons as to why some female sex abusers choose adolescent victims. Although most women’s motivation for committing the deed stems from intimacy needs, some choose younger victims “because they’re less threatening and they can be in charge.”

It is believed that these women “are more into the idea of a relationship.” This could be the reason why cases of teachers having sexual relationships with their teenage students have been surfacing. Sexual predators commonly use social media to lure their next victims. Affairs are quick to blossom in social media because of how easy it is to initiate a conversation with someone.

female sex offender using phone

Clinic psychologist Dr. Jacquie Hetherton told the Telegraph in another article that some female offenders believe that they’re doing a good thing for the child.

“They may see it as an affair and a viable way of expressing their sexuality. They might see the adolescent as responsible especially if they initiated it or seemed to enjoy it. Women are very into the idea of the big romance and if they think it’s reciprocated they can put it into their heads as, it’s a big love story. That’s something women are particularly vulnerable to.”

Most of the offenders reportedly have low self-esteem, fear of men, and a great need for emotional stability. The psychologist went on to claim that offenders need to undergo therapy for them to realize that what they’re doing is detrimental to the child.

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