‘One Piece’ Manga: As Year Of Sanji Ends, Series Focusing On Portgas D. Ace Announced – Spinoff Series May Reveal Luffy’s Childhood?

One Piece manga is expected to have a surprise spinoff series focusing on Portgas D. Ace. As the “Year of Sanji” recently came to an end, mangaka Eiichiro Oda could add yet another item to One Piece’s long list of lateral content that explores multiple parallel stories apart from the one that’s currently center stage in the manga.

As immensely popular Japanese manga One Piece enters in 20th anniversary year, fans of the series can expect a lot of exciting twists in the story. Besides hinting several new surprises in the ongoing Big Mom or Dressrosa Arc, Oda is expected to revive a few characters that were once quite important, but fell along the sidelines as Luffy D. Monkey and his gang of Straw Hats pirates evolved. After news about One Piece Kabuki’s surprise revival was reported recently, fans will have another surprise in the form of a spinoff series that explores the life and adventures of Portgas D. Ace.

Weekly Shonen Jump recently announced that its Year of Sanji had come to an end, and it appears Portgas D. Ace is taking his place, reported Comic Book. The publication announced there are plans in development for a magazine focused on Ace. Besides the simple announcement, the publication has offered no further details. Moreover, the ongoing One Piece manga is on a break and will return on Jump in Issue 9.

Although there are little chances of the creators making any more announcements about the novel focused on Ace, fans claim the project will be under the direct supervision of One Piece creator Eiichiro Oda. While details are few, given Ace’s history and his relation with Luffy, quite a few speculations can be made.

One Piece Manga: As Year Of Sanji Ends, Series Focusing On Portgas D. Ace Announced – Spin-Off Series May Reveal Luffy's Childhood?

Known as “Fire Fist,” Portgas D. Ace is Luffy’s older brother. Interestingly, Luffy and Ace do not have the same parents as Ace was adopted by Luffy’s father. However, the two were inseparable as Ace’s adoptive parents never differentiated between the two. In fact, Ace and Luffy grew alongside a blond-headed boy name Sabo. Although Ace was technically Luffy’s elder sibling, the former’s influence was inclined towards a parent.

Ace is well-known and feared among the pirates for his fiery temper and fierce loyalty, two of the aspects that are considered quite crucial in a pirate leader. In fact, his attributes allowed Ace to become 2nd division commander of the Whitebeard Pirates. As expected, his ascension was an eye-opener for the rather laid-back Luffy, who started considering Ace as his definitive role model. It is believed Luffy’s aspirations of becoming the pirate king have been ignited after watching his older brother, and unfortunately, his untimely death.

Fans who have followed One Piece carefully, know that Ace eventually left the series because of his death at the hands of a marine. Ace was hunted by the World Government, and he eventually fell into their trap. The fiery commander was sentenced to death because his father was the late Pirate King.

One Piece Manga: As Year Of Sanji Ends, Series Focusing On Portgas D. Ace Announced – Spin-Off Series May Reveal Luffy's Childhood?

As expected, Luffy couldn’t bear to see his older brother and role model be executed, and he interfered. Luffy’s brave confrontation with the World Government resulted in the Battle of Marineford. Incidentally, Luffy managed to free Ace from custody, but the former wound up dead. Ace sacrificed his life to save Luffy.

Ace’s untimely death left a deep emotional scar, but it also cemented Luffy’s resolve and caused him to focus hard on his training to become a pirate. The emotional moment Ace parted ways with Luffy caused the latter to be determined about becoming the pirate king and grow bigger than the World Government.

Given the abrupt removal of an important character of One Piece, fans would certainly enjoy reading about the person who showed Luffy the ropes. It is not clear if the new series would explore the past. It is possible that Ace might not have died, and may have lived in isolation for all these years, only to return when Luffy needed him the most.

[Featured Image by Eiichiro Oda/One Piece Manga/Shueisha]