‘This Is Us’ Fans Have A Field Day With Miguel Theories

This Is Us fans are having a hard time accepting the fact that mom-of-three Rebecca Pearson (Mandy Moore) is married to her late husband’s best friend, Miguel (Jon Huertas) in the present day. The NBC time-jumping drama has not yet touched on the details of the Rebecca-Miguel marriage, but it’s clear that many This Is Us viewers are not happy about the storyline.

This Is Us reeled viewers in early on with the Pearson’s love story, but fans were blindsided by the Episode 2 bombshell that showed that by 2016 Rebecca was married to Miguel. Viewers took small comfort in the fact that Rebecca was still wearing the moon-shaped necklace that her first husband gave her in the late 1980s, but a few episodes later their worst fears were confirmed when it was revealed that Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) is not alive in the present day.

Now, This Is Us viewers want to know when exactly Miguel become Rebecca’s man. In a new interview with the Hollywood Reporter, This Is Us creator Dan Fogelman said viewers will soon learn a lot more about Miguel in upcoming episodes.

“We’re getting a lot of Miguel coming up actually,” the This is Us showrunner said. “I’m editing right now and I’m editing a ton of Miguel in upcoming episodes. You’re going to learn a lot more about Miguel, about his relationship with Jack, about his own marriage. So yes. There’s a lot of Miguel stuff coming.”

But is he a good guy or a bad guy? Ever since Episode 2, when Miguel commented on Rebecca’s “great a**” while talking to Jack, he has been on viewers’ radar—and not in a good way. Some This Is Us viewers think Miguel moved in on Rebecca. Indeed, in the second episode of the NBC hit, the very-married Miguel told his pal that Rebecca was out of his league and he warned him to watch out.

“You married way, way above your station,” Miguel told the Pearson patriarch. “I’d be careful not to give her a reason to notice.”

More recently, in the This Is Us episode “The Big Day,” Miguel tried to talk the dad-to-be into taking up golf so he wouldn’t be stuck at home with Rebecca and their triplets all day. But was Miguel looking out for his amigo or was he trying to cause friction on the home front? Either way, it didn’t matter. While Miguel eagerly dodged his wife Shelly and their kids to play 18 holes, perfect husband Jack declined the golf invite and went home to his wife where he captured her last moments of pregnancy with his camcorder. Turns out he loved his wife and triplets so much that he wanted to “freeze” time so he could get a little bit more.

Of course, fan theories about how Rebecca and Miguel came to be have been rampant. While many viewers call Miguel a “snake” who slithered his way into Rebecca’s arms, others think the couple hooked up after their spouses died.

While This Is Us viewers haven’t learned the back-story yet, Mandy Moore is defending her man. In an interview with Us Weekly, Moore said she is confident that her character remained faithful when she was married to her first husband.

“I think people have to have faith in Jack and Rebecca, and realize that there’s nothing untoward that happened,” Moore told Us. “In my mind, I’ve always sort of [assumed] that there’s no overlap. Hundred percent.”

Even Milo Ventimiglia says he hopes viewers will accept the man that went on to marry his character’s wife.

“What people need to understand is, Miguel and Jack are best friends,” Milo told Entertainment Tonight. “Jack is not around — and I can’t say anything more than that — but Miguel loves Jack and Jack loves Miguel. They are brothers, so to say.”

Ventimiglia even teased that This Is Us viewers might see the best friends’ bond before Rebecca was in the picture.

One thing is for certain: Miguel has been around for a long time. According to TV Line, Fogelman recently teased that in a future This Is Us episode, viewers will get to see Jack and Rebecca getting married, with Miguel as part of the wedding party.

“You see Miguel being the best man at the wedding,” the This Is Us creator revealed.

This Is Us airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on NBC.

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