Uma Thurman Takes The Stand In Bitter Custody Dispute

Uma Thurman and her ex-fiancé Arpad “Arki” Busson are currently fighting a custody case in the Manhattan Supreme Court over their 4-year-old daughter, Rosalind Arusha Arkadina Altalune Florence Thurman-Busson, known as Luna. The Kill Bill star and Busson, a French businessman, have been engaged in the nasty legal wrangle since 2014.

Page 6 reported that Thurman became quite emotional shortly after taking the witness stand on Friday. The actress described how, in late 2008, Busson’s business was severely shaken by the Bernie Madoff scandal.

“He was very difficult to be with. He was very angry. He got meaner and meaner.”

Even though Thurman and Busson dated between the years 2007 and 2014, they never moved in together. After a breakup in 2009, Thurman returned Busson’s $1.5 million engagement ring. It appears that, from then on, theirs was a very rocky relationship.

“He had a very aggressive tantrum in front of all the kids, he started yelling and shouting throughout the house. It was very upsetting and traumatic for myself and the children.”

Besides Luna, Thurman has two children with Ethan Hawke: Levon and Meyer.

Thurman conceived her daughter Luna in 2011, following several breakups. When asked how Busson responded to the pregnancy news, Thurman answered in a shaky voice.

“Um, he looked at me and said, ‘Well the child won’t share your last name, cannot be a U.S. citizen and can’t have a U.S. passport and will be raised Catholic.'”

Even though their relationship was still “terrible,” the engagement ring was returned to her in 2012, but without a marriage proposal. Then, when Luna was around 18-months-old, they finally split.

The actress said that she didn’t hear from Busson for quite a while until his secretary contacted her saying that he wanted to visit his daughter. Arguments over overnight access visits resulted in Busson suing Thurman for partial custody.

The Belfast Telegraph reported that Uma Thurman’s lawyer’s intention was to expose the troubled relationship Arpad Busson had with his ex, Elle MacPherson.

As the trial continued, Busson was questioned about his alleged addiction to prostitutes, and reports that he had previously threatened Elle MacPherson.

Thurman’s lawyer, Eleanor Alter, questioned Busson about his relationship with supermodel Elle MacPherson. Busson and MacPherson have two sons.

“You had threatened Ms. MacPherson which caused her to wear a wire.”

It was revealed during the court hearing that Busson had urged MacPherson to divulge any information that was shared between herself and Thurman. Elle MacPherson and Busson were in a relationship between 1996 and 2005 and are the parents of two teenagers – 18-year-old Flynn, and 13-year-old Aurelius.

Page 6 reports that, as the trial continued, Thurman’s lawyer was relentless in her questioning of the French financier, grilling him about cheating during a high school test, his rocky relationship with Elle MacPherson, and his alleged addiction to prostitutes.

While Busson has admitted he paid someone to take his baccalaureate exam for him, he denied admitting to Thurman that he had an addiction to prostitutes. He did admit, however, that in exchange for giving up child support, he would abandon his rights to Luna. When admitting making this offer, Busson claimed that he often felt like giving up because Thurman made it so difficult for him to see his daughter.

The Daily Mail reported that Busson offers his daughter and two sons a privileged lifestyle in his homes in London and the Bahamas.

The French financier has a four-story, six-bedroom home in London, while his property in the Bahamas consists of several buildings overlooking the ocean. Busson said that Luna had visited his home around seven times and was very familiar and at home in the Bahamas.

“She’s very excited, happy, can’t wait to go for a swim. She asks about different people, if they are there. Incredibly joyful.”

Busson was also happy to talk about his relationship with his sons, including the custody arrangement he has with Elle MacPherson.

“I tried to be as present as possible when we had time together living in London. I tried to be involved as much as I could on the education side, the medical side, the sports and activities side. I was a very big part of their daily lives. Even in our difficult times, we managed to have shared decision-making with our kids.”

Elle MacPherson is now married to Jeffrey Soffer, a Miami-based billionaire, and Busson said he now has a very friendly relationship with his ex-partner.

The custody trial between Thurman and Busson is scheduled to last two weeks.

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