‘Infowars’ Host Alex Jones Is Called ‘Drunk’ At Donald Trump’s Inauguration, Interviewee Says He Has Liquor On His Breath [Video]

Conspiracy theorist supreme and radio host Alex Jones was called “drunk” by a woman he was attempting to interview during Donald Trump’s inauguration on Friday.

Oliver Willis, a research fellow at Media Matters for America, uploaded a video on Twitter showing Jones ranting against a woman protester at Trump’s inauguration in Washington, D.C. In the brief video that has gone viral since it was uploaded online, the woman interrupts Jones’ rant, telling him that she can smell the alcohol on his breath.

“Oh my god, oh my god,” Jones says.

“He has liquor on his breath,” she repeats, turning to the camera.

While there is no evidence to back up the claim that Jones did drink before going to interview protesters at Trump’s inauguration, it is pretty apparent in the video that the conspiracy theorist is ruffled with the accusation.

Alex Jones at Donald Trump's inaguration.

“Are you a Puritan?” Jones asks the woman, smiling uncomfortably and unable to hide the embarrassment of being called out on his own show.

“No, I’m just amazed that you’re doing your job with liquor on your breath. It’s like you need the guts to yell at people,” the woman tells the Infowars host.

“I got too many guts, baby,” Jones continues to counter, even as it becomes quite clear that the conspiracy theorist is evidently perturbed.

“You’re drunk — while you’re reporting…” the woman continues to press.

“It is actually made up. I had coffee earlier,” Jones defends weakly.

It appears Alex Jones’ day did not get any better. Later in the evening on Trump’s inauguration day, the radio show host went on a typical tirade. Willis uploaded another video where Jones “screams out live like a psycho on livestream” and “looks drunk.”

“The will of the republic will dominate this BS. 1776 will commence again,” Jones screams like a wounded animal, before inviting his viewers to have a physical fight with him if they do not agree with his views. The way he concludes his tirade is even more frightening.

“You understand that? I know you do now, don’t you. We have taken the gloves off and if want to keep pushing with your commie Chinese or anybody else, we are going to pull your a** of the map. All the secret weapons are not in your control anymore, are they? They are in the hands of George Washington 2.0.”

Watch the video below yourself. (Warning: Contains some crass language.)

By all accounts, it appears that the Infowars host had a really terrible inauguration day, and that is especially disheartening considering that Alex Jones had so been looking forward to the coming of new President Donald Trump, or someone he affectionately calls “George Washington 2.0” and even “God.”

According to New Republic, protesters blocking one of the checkpoints to the inauguration surrounded Jones. The conspiracy theorist attempted in vain to break through the blockade of protesters, but it was not before the cops came that Jones was finally escorted out. While the Infowars host alleged that the protesters had assaulted a female companion, that does not seem to be the true reason that he was blocked. BuzzFeed reported that Jones had called the protesters “mentally ill scum,” and while that is not surprising coming from someone who regularly berates rational people, it could have been the tipping point that made the protesters block Alex Jones.

[Featured Image by Ben Jackson/Getty Images for SiriusXM]