Meek Mill Desperate To Win Nicki Minaj Back Amid Claims She’s Ignoring Text Messages

Meek Mill wants to reconcile with Nicki Minaj, but according to reports, the female rapper is refusing to give in, having only announced the split three weeks ago.

At the time of their breakup, it was said, via Bossip, that Nicki didn’t see the relationship lasting in the long run. Having initially planned to start a family with Mill, things quickly changed as the twosome continuously saw themselves arguing, consequently leading to a handful of breakups.

It reportedly came to the point where Nicki Minaj grew so tired of the drama with Meek Mill that she decided to call it quits for good.

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She supposedly wanted to start the new year off without being attached to any drama — and the fact that Meek would reportedly share all of their personal business on social media only gave Nicki another reason to dump him.

Now that it’s almost been three weeks since Minaj shut the doors on Meek Mill, however, Hollywood Life is reporting that the “It’s Me” hitmaker wants another chance.

Sources allege that Meek is beginning to realize how much he misses being with his ex-girlfriend, to the point where he just wants her back in his arms and promise her that he’ll change his ways for the better.

Minaj had hoped for a peaceful relationship that could eventually lead to starting a family and getting married, but all the supposed promises Meek Mill had made her ended up being nothing but words.

The duo was together for well over two years and not once did Meek approach Nicki with an engagement ring or even hinted that he was actively making plans to make her dreams come true — being a mother and a wife.

Mill reportedly knows that if he ever gets a chance with Nicki again, he has a lot of making up to do. The 34-year-old is hurt that she somewhat wasted her time doing nothing but argue and break up with the man she considered the love of her life.

“He’s the one that’s been hitting her up, trying to get back together and she’s been ignoring him,” a source tells Hollywood Life, stressing that things are currently not looking too good for Meek Mill. “She’s not sure if she wants to jump back into a dead end relationship at the beginning of a new year.”

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“For her to take Meek back, he’d have to really come correct, stop bullsh*tting, and be serious about their future. She’s tired of waiting on him to reel her in. She was looking for that other ring he promised her, and would have considered being his wife he weren’t so scared to ask.”

Both artists are said to be working on their new albums, expected to drop before the summer. When Nicki first confirmed that she had broken up with Meek Mill, it was rumored that the rapper was so hurt by the split, he had made plans to record a diss track against the Republic-signed artist.

Minaj has not commented on reports concerning her relationship status with Meek Mill.

For now, the ex-couple remain apart from one another, with insiders stressing that Nicki would need to see a drastic change from her on-again, off-again beau before she could even consider the idea of being in a relationship with him again.

What do you make of Meek Mill’s proposed plans to win back the woman that hoped to have a family with him? Did the rapper ruin his chances by constantly finding himself in arguments with Nicki, or do you think it’s better for the couple to go their separate ways and move on from one another?

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