Man Takes Pregnancy Test As A Joke, Finds Testicular Tumor

A man who posted on Reddit that he had taken a positive pregnancy test was informed that he may have a testicular tumor.

The man posted a comic saying that he had used a pregnancy test left in the bathroom cabinet by his ex-girlfriend. The test turned up two pink lines, and the man joked that he was pregnant. However, several Reddit users told him to take the result seriously as it may have indicated testicular cancer.

User goxilo wrote, “If this is true, you should check yourself for testicular cancer. Seriously. Google it.”

Another user named Wecancallmeb wrote, “Medical student here. OP should absolutely see his physician to be safe. Pregnancy tests are based on levels of human chorionic gonadotropin which is produced by the placenta, but in a male it can be elevated by testicular cancer.”

The man’s friend, who also did the original comment for him, posted an update — also in the form of a comic — saying that he had gone to the doctor. In the comic, he says the doctor found a small tumor in the man’s right testicle. Since it was caught early, they were able to treat it immediately.

Dr. Mark Pomerantz, a genitourinary oncologist at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, said, “There are very few things in the body that produce beta hCG, and testicular cancer is one of them.”

Even though it was caught early, the man may have to have his right testicle removed. Pomerantz said, “But we’re lucky with this disease, in that the vast majority of cases — even if they’re caught further along — are still very curable.”

According to the American Cancer Society, the 5-year survival rate for testicular cancer confined to the testicle is 99 percent. Although in this case the cancer was found using a pregnancy test, most men find it themselves when they notice a painless lump on the testicle.

Dr. Christopher Wood, a professor and deputy chairman of urology at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, said, “We recommend men do self-exam in the shower once a month to make sure there aren’t any major changes.”

What do you think of Redditors correctly identifying the testicular tumor?