Miley Cyrus Wedding On Hold Over Donald Trump Inauguration: Won’t Marry Liam Hemsworth Until President Is Out Of Office

Miley Cyrus is refusing to marry her fiancé, Liam Hemsworth, now that Donald Trump has officially entered the White House, it has been reported.

The singer still can’t get her head around the fact that Trump is the president of the United States, a source gushed, as TMZ added that Miley sobbed for days when the former businessman was elected as the number one candidate for the presidential position.

According to Hollywood Life, Miley Cyrus thinks that Donald Trump having the authority to make some of the biggest changes in the country is what worries her the most. She’s seen the supposed remarks Donald has made about people of different race, along with his alleged negative views on the LGBT community.

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The 24-year-old is firmly said to be sticking by her decision, stressing that she won’t be marrying Liam until Trump is out of office, adding that she would be disappointed in her life to marry in a country that she feels will face nothing but the biggest change it has ever seen in years.

In Miley Cyrus’ opinion, the change that’s about to come will be anything but positive, convinced that President Trump is bound to tear down everything that the country has built.

By not marrying Liam, Miley is taking a stand to her views on America and its new leader. She will not walk down the aisle knowing that a man she has no respect for could potentially make the worst decisions on its citizens’ behalf and evidently ruin the country for next four years.

“So many of Miley’s beliefs are being threatened right now,” a source tells Hollywood Life. “She wants to take a stand and not get married if others are going to be in so much pain in Trump’s America. Miley wants to focus her time on important social issues and not a wedding.”

Miley Cyrus had allegedly planned to marry Liam later this year, having initially planned to get married over the summer of 2016. Due to Hemsworth’s hectic work schedule, along with Miley’s decision to sign on for NBC’s The Voice, the wedding was put on hold for the time being.

“She even threatened to leave the U.S. if Donald won, but now that he has, she’s choosing to stay to fight the system from the inside,” the outlet writes. “Instead of fleeing, the activist is going to use her celebrity status to bring some good to our nation.”

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And while plans for the couple to tie the knot were effectively being made for this year, Cyrus did not expect Donald Trump’s surprising win at last year’s election, beating out his fierce competitor, Hillary Clinton.

With that in mind, it seems as if Miley Cyrus’ wedding won’t be happening for another four years, at the very least. Should Trump be voted into office again, the “Wrecking Ball” singer could potentially be waiting until 2024 before her wishes are granted, Trump exits the White House, and she can finally marry her longtime fiancé.

News of Miley Cyrus reportedly ditching her plans to marry Liam in the midst of Donald Trump’s inauguration comes just weeks after it was claimed that the singer is working on her forthcoming album, expected to drop later this year.

So, while Miley will not be planning her wedding anymore, she’ll most certainly be keeping herself busy recording her upcoming record, along with her duties as a judge on The Voice, having officially signed on to take part for at least one more series.

Do you think Miley Cyrus is being reasonable by putting her wedding plans on hold until Donald Trump finishes his term in the White House? Would she honestly wait up to eight years before marrying Liam?

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