Kim Kardashian Is Not Withholding Sex From Kanye West [Debunked]

Kim Kardashian is not on a sex strike with Kanye West. Once again, Radar Online is a culprit of another Kardashian rumor.

“Kim Kardashian has gone from sexpot to ice queen, an insider told, as her marriage to Kanye West continues to deteriorate. ‘Kim is not having sex with Kanye right now and he is constantly complaining about how she is never affectionate with him,’ a source close to the 36-year-old told Radar exclusively.”

The article adds that Kardashian is still healing over her terrible robbery ordeal in Paris, and she can’t bring herself to do the wild thing. The commenters after the article are pretty vicious towards Kardashian.

“The way Kim is looking like right now, would you want to get jiggy with her?” asks Gaypow.

“Kim has severe psychological damage. It’s been there since childhood, but I believe her ‘fame’ has exacerbated it,” claims Orange Cupcake.

However, Gossip Cop has found the story to be completely fabricated.

Kim and Kanye's sex life is fine

“Kim Kardashian is NOT on a ‘sex strike’ and refusing to be intimate with Kanye West, despite a report. Gossip Cop can exclusively debunk the seemingly fabricated story,” says columnist Shari Weiss, adding that the rumor is very similar to other ones Radar Online has started in the past.

This isn’t the first rumor that Kim Kardashian has encountered this week. The Sun recently claimed that Kim Kardashian had a secret affair with television star Calum Best.

“CELEBRITY Big Brother star Calum Best enjoyed a secret affair with US megastar Kim Kardashian, Sun Online can exclusively reveal. The ladies’ man and son of football legend George had an ‘intimate romance’ with Kim when they both lived in Miami before she became famous.”

The article adds that their “fling” happened several years before Kim’s sex tape with Ray J turned her into a superstar. However, Gossip Cop isn’t buying any of it.

“Kim Kardashian and Calum Best did NOT date, contrary to a new report. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct the story,” wrote columnist Shari Weiss, who added that sources close to both of these stars claim that while the two stars did attend grade school together, there was never any hint of a romance.

There is one true story about Kim Kardashian that has made rounds. According to the Huffington Post, Mrs. Kardashian posted a farewell photo to say goodbye to President Obama.

Kim Kardashian will miss Barack Obama

“In this political edition of ‘Stars, They’re Just Like Us!’ Kim Kardashian bid farewell to now **deep breath** former President Barack Obama on Friday with a series of family photos and now we need a moment to emotionally recover,” columnist Cole Delbyck writes, adding that one photo showed Kim Kardashian having a conversation with Obama.

Another photo showed her daughter North West meeting the president for the first time.

Some have hinted that both Kim and Kanye may be quarreling because of their political beliefs — she was a Clinton supporter, and West was (and probably still is) a Trump supporter. But they’re not the only family who stays together despite different political persuasions. Still, it’s doubtful that we’ll see Kim pose with Donald Trump anytime soon.

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