‘SNL’ Videos: ‘To Sir, With Love’ Obama Tribute, Kellyanne Conway Routine, Cold Open With Putin

SNL gave social media plenty to discuss on Saturday night’s episode of Saturday Night Live, especially the rousing tribute to President Obama, which was an emotional goodbye featuring the famous “To Sir, With Love” song. The first SNL to air with President Trump in office featured Aziz Ansari as host, as reported by NBC News.

Whereas Ansari opened SNL with Aziz’s classic humor about casual racism, SNL closed out the show with “To Sir, With Love,” as sung at first by Cecily Strong, who would later be joined by Sasheer Zamata. Both of the SNL cast members stood in front of a photo of Mr. Obama, as the appropriate lyrics in “To Sir, With Love,” from the 1967 movie spoke of a mentor who has been there during pivotal times in their lives.

The original To Sir, With Love movie was based on a real-life man, portrayed by Sidney Poitier in the movie, as reported by the New York Times. The “To Sir, With Love” song was a way for Poitier’s onscreen students to thank their teacher for sticking by them when others had given up hope.

As a result, “To Sir, With Love” is going viral on Twitter, with a plethora of tweets about just how much the “To Sir, With Love” tribute to President Obama made folks cry when they watched the SNL tribute. When the “To Sir, With Love” duet wrapped up, Strong noted that they’d gotten a mug for Mr. Obama, dubbing him the “World’s Best President” — even though the cup actually said “World’s Greatest President” — the sentiment was the same. As the screen on SNL gave thanks to Mr. Obama, Zamata urged, “Don’t go.”

Also getting buzz on Twitter is the SNL cold open, which once again featured a shirtless Putin — this time talking about owning the U.S. However, Putin tried to ease the fears of the country by claiming he wouldn’t hurt the U.S.

Another SNL skit featured SNL’s version of Kellyanne Conway, with the show wondering why Conway would back President Trump after initially calling his behavior un-presidential. SNL imagined Conway thinking of herself as a star — as one who went from a blueberry farm to the heights of fame by helping President Trump get into the White House.


Mr. Obama can be seen in the top photo above, as he arrived on the West Front of the U.S. Capitol on January 20, in Washington, DC. As the nation experienced the inauguration ceremony of Donald J. Trump becoming the 45th president of the U.S., SNL saw fit to give the former president an emotional send-off that is getting plenty of feedback online. Some of those comments from social media about SNL can be read below.

View the Saturday Night Live YouTube channel and NBC’s website for all the official videos of their latest episode. The comments about SNL‘s episode featured plenty of expected blowback from Mr. Trump’s supporters who called SNL not funny, whilst others professed their love for the attention-getting SNL episode.

: “And then, killed it on SNL.

: “I just watch the classiest ‘Thank You’ on SNL to President Obama . It was beautiful.”

“All incoming Presidents identify threats to US. Trump no different. Except where it’s usually Russia, China, Iran his are CNN, NYT & SNL.”

“If doesn’t like SNL‘s song about her… I don’t even know what to say anymore. Keeeelly Annnnn COOOONWAAAAAY!”

SNL‘s targets Donald Trump Inaugural – Hottest trending coverage at Updates each minute.”

“Loved the ending song on tonight. Perfect.”

: “Straight up cried at that ending on . *sigh*”

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