Katie Rich Fired? @KatieMaryRich Twitter, Facebook Deleted: ‘SNL’ Writer’s Tweet About Barron Trump, 10, And Boycott Buzz

Has Katie Rich been fired from SNL? Katie hasn’t just deleted her Twitter tweet in the wake of Rich’s tweet about 10-year-old Barron Trump, but she has also deleted her entire Twitter account. The recent development came in the wake of Rich coming under heavy fire for tweeting that Barron Trump — the 10-year-old son of President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump — would grow up to be the country’s first homeschool shooter. The inference was that Barron would somehow get fed up with a homeschooled type of life and react with violence, even though Barron attends an elite private school. Katie’s joke was taken as more than a joke. After all, Rich didn’t make the joke as part of an SNL skit — as would be in the realm of Katie’s SNL job as a writer — even though SNL as a show would probably stay away from jokes about Barron. Instead, Rich made the joke about Barron — a real boy, a human being — and that joke fell flat with some people on social media.

Update: SNL removed Katie Rich’s name from the Saturday Night Live writing credits as of the Saturday, January 21, show.

Certain people tweeting about Katie’s unfortunate Twitter tweet about Barron claim that Rich was bullying Barron, and Katie’s Twitter account reflected that backlash when Rich initially turned her Twitter account to a private status, as is shown in the link below to the Google cache of Katie’s Twitter account. After turning Rich’s Twitter account to a private status, Katie deleted her Twitter account, leaving many to wonder if Rich has been fired from SNL. As seen in the photos above and below, Barron attended the 58th presidential inauguration parade for President Trump in Washington, on Friday, January 20.

Barron Trump

The Google cache of Katie’s Twitter account is still alive as of this writing, due to the fact that Rich likely deleted her Twitter account recently. The Google cache of twitter.com/katiemaryrich shows how Katie’s Twitter account appeared on January 21, at 20:22:50 GMT.

As reported by Heavy, Katie got a lot of backlash for tweeting that “Barron will be the country’s first homeschool shooter” — a tweet that Rich would publish on January 20, the same day that Barron was seen by a massive amount of people as Barron hung out with his dad on his big day. Eventually, Rich would delete that tweet about Barron, and Katie’s bio on Rich’s personal website would claim to be down. The Google cache of Katie’s website would explain Rich’s accolades, including her movie writing credits, with the last line highlighting Katie’s SNL job and her love of the Chicago Bears.

“She currently lives in New York City and writes for Saturday Night Live. Follow her @katiemaryrich. Go Bears!”

Katie’s Facebook page that once appeared at facebook.com/katie.rich.923 is also gone. Meanwhile, the Change.org page titled “FIRE Katie Rich from SNL & NBC” garnered 8,225 signatures as of this writing.

Barron Trump

The petition states that if Katie isn’t fired due to her tweet about Barron, along with a fine and written apology issued to the Trump Family, then Rich’s tweet should cause NBC to experience a ban from the White House press room.

“Online bullying of children (including and especially those in our White House!) by any adult is [unacceptable] behavior and should not be tolerated under any circumstances. If Ms. Rich does not get fired, heftily fined AND issue a written apology to our First Family immediately, NBC should be banned from our White House press room and shunned by our new administration, and SNL should be boycotted into oblivion.”

As of this writing, the SNL Twitter account has not made a mention of Rich being fired. The Saturday, January 21, episode of SNL may prove whether or not Katie has been fired from SNL when the final credits roll, and SNL viewers can determine if Katie’s name is mentioned therein — that’s if SNL previously included Rich’s name in the SNL credits.

A search on Twitter for news about Rich in the wake of her Barron tweet proves there is heated feedback from those who think Katie should be fired from SNL.

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