Aussies Hating On Nicole Kidman? Actress Says It’s Sexist To Call Daughters ‘Bossy’

Nicole Kidman has been the subject of media headlines for a number of reasons over the past few months. From rumors that her relationship with Keith Urban is on the rocks, to her recent words that seemed to indicate that she was a supporter of President Donald Trump, the headlines have been steady as of late about the Australian beauty.

When it comes to each of these specific headlines, neither one is valid. The actress is not experiencing marriage trouble with her country star hubby, Keith, nor is she a supporter of the Republican party or Donald Trump. More than anything, Kidman shared that she was simply calling for unity, as opposed to a fractured nation which has been the result in the United States since Trump was voted into office. CNBC recalls the words spoken by Kidman that had the masses thinking the beauty is a Trump supporter.

“He is now elected and we as a country need to support whoever is president because that’s what the country’s based on. However that happened … He’s there … And let’s go.”

Since those words were spoken by Kidman, she has fielded questions about her stance on Trump as president. Nicole finally spoke out in response and clarified her intention in a chat with Access Hollywood, as USA Today notes.

“I was trying to stress that I believe in democracy and the American Constitution, and it was that simple.”

After this reasoning, Kidman insisted she was done talking on the subject. This type of seemingly cold behavior, is perhaps the reason that, when interviewed, many Australians share that they are not exactly fans of Nicole. A recent story by Angela Mollard of the Daily Telegraph indicates that in her native country, many are not all that fond of the Lion actress. Mollard shares examples of responses she was given when she asked people’s opinions of the star.

“I started asking around and found I could barely get out the question, ‘What do you think of Nicole Ki…’ before I am cut off by a vehement response.

“‘Ice queen,’ said one.

“‘Weird — never liked her. All that Scientology and Tom Cruise and those adopted kids she never speaks to. Much prefer Cate Blanchett,’ said another.

“‘What’s with the rash vests?’ said a third apparently referencing Kidman’s preference for covering up her pale skin while swimming.

“Even an editor once scoffed when I wrote positively about something she’d done.’Fair point,’ he scowled, ‘but I still loathe her.'”

The survey was a bit alarming to the British journalist and is a bit surprising to North Americans, likely. Perhaps that attitude toward the star is why she and Keith Urban prefer to call Nashville home. The stunner is, without a doubt, a fabulous actress, despite those harsh opinions, although she is quite direct in her opinions, as evidenced by her words about Trump. The actress recently spoke out about sexism when referring to her own daughters with Keith Urban as well as her adopted daughter from her marriage with Tom Cruise.

The beauty, who has voiced her support of women’s rights, also shared that when it comes to her daughters she prefers to describe them as showing leadership skills in lieu of the description of “bossy” behavior. The Telegraph notes that Kidman made this clear in an interview with the star.

“Because there’s a negative connotation to bossy,” she said. “You don’t really call boys bossy, so why should we call a girl bossy just because she’s showing leadership skills?” Kidman went on to say, “I have two little Alphas, put it that way. Great leaders.”

In a chat on BBC, Kidman was open about her advocacy for equal opportunity for women and women’s rights.

[Feature Image by Joshua Blanchard/Getty Images]