‘This Is Us’ Stars Mandy Moore And Milo Ventimiglia Drop Hints On Jack’s Death And Rebecca’s Relationship With Miguel [Spoilers]

As This is Us continues to move through its first season, fans are becoming more and more curious about how a few present day things came to pass. One being how Jack Pearson passed away and the other how Rebecca Pearson ends up married to Jack’s best friend, Miguel. The cast and writers are very good at keeping secrets from fans, but Milo Ventimiglia and Mandy Moore spoke out recently to give a few hints and teasers about what to expect on these huge issues and more.

Mandy plays Rebecca on the hit show and Milo plays her husband, Jack. Fans fell in love immediately with how perfect Jack and Rebecca are together. Mandy and Ventimiglia have a chemistry together that is indescribable. Many fans were even hoping that Mandy and Milo would connect off-screen romantically, which will likely not happen. Even so, Mandy revealed to Entertainment Tonight recently that Milo is like her other half. Mandy shared that the two miss each other when apart for a few days.

It’s safe to say Ventimiglia feels the same about Moore. Milo had the following to say about his beautiful co-star Mandy.

“[Mandy] is one of my good friends now. And, hopefully, I’m one of her good friends. That’s the thing — when I have good friends, I’m always going to look out for them, protect them, make sure that they feel safe, especially someone that I’m acting with, and playing my wife, you know? It’s like I want her to do the best work she can possibly do, just like, you know, she’s supporting me. So, I give her everything I can.”

With Mandy and Milo being such a perfect couple on This is Us, fans who have fallen in love with the Pearsons are having a difficult time picturing and understanding how Mandy’s character could end up with Miguel in the future. Miguel has a lot of haters right now, and Mandy and Milo are both speaking out, offering a few hints about Miguel and the kind of man he really is.

Episode 14 looks to be revealing when it comes to Miguel. The episode titled “I Call Marriage,” scheduled to air February 7, indicates that Miguel and his wife, Shelley, reveal “devastating” news to Jack and Rebecca that cause them both to evaluate their relationship. Could this possibly be where Shelley and Miguel part ways?

Entertainment Tonight shared that Episode 15 will vindicate Miguel to fans.

“If you don’t love Miguel by episode 15, you should just turn the show off,” Milo said. He went on to say, “What people need to understand is, Miguel and Jack are best friends. Jack is not around — and I can’t say anything more than that — but Miguel loves Jack and Jack loves Miguel. They are brothers, so to say.” Ventimiglia also teases fans by sharing that Miguel, played by Jon Huertas, has a huge moment in Episode 15 that will change people’s minds about him.

Mandy backed up her on-screen partner.

“If people aren’t fond of Miguel, then we haven’t done our jobs. I walked away from reading that script and was like, ‘OK! Done deal. I love him.'” Mandy continued by saying, “There’s room for Miguel and I hope people give him a chance. I suspect that they will in due time.” Mandy seems pretty confident everyone will love Miguel as much as they do very soon.

Mandy has also shared her thoughts on if Rebecca cheated on Jack with Miguel before Ventimiglia’s character passed away. Us Weekly caught up with Moore, who had the following to share about Miguel.

“I’m obsessed with Jon Huertas — we all are. And he is such a good sport about the fact that people are so down on him. I think people have to have faith in Jack and Rebecca, and realize that there’s nothing untoward that happened.”

Mandy shares that while she does not know yet when things start to happen with Miguel, Moore says she kind of has an idea.

“But I think people should have faith in the type of people [Rebecca and Miguel] are and that we would act accordingly. In my mind, I’ve always sort of [assumed] that there’s no overlap [between Jack and Miguel]. Hundred percent.” That’s a huge relief for concerned fans, and surely Mandy would not steer everyone wrong.

Now that the Jack-Rebecca-Miguel triangle has been touched on by Mandy and Milo, what about the other huge question that fans have created all sorts of scenarios for. How does Jack Pearson die?

E! News caught up with Ventimiglia who recently revealed what he knows.

“I knew from the very beginning that Jack was deceased. I think it fits very much into my ethos — Jack doesn’t know when it’s coming, though I know when Jack’s end is coming. We don’t know when any of us are going to close out on life, so I go back to Jack fundamentally. He wants to be a good husband, he wants to be a good father, he wants to enjoy the time that he has with the family that he’s made.”

While show creator Dan Fogelman says it will take many, many episodes for the entire Jack story to be revealed, clips from the upcoming new episode show pieces of Jack’s funeral. Milo says he is happy how the story plays out.

“I think it’s the right thing,” Ventimiglia says. It has been revealed that Kate, played by Chrissy Metz, will be taking Jack’s death very hard. The story will be seen through her eyes, as she deals with losing her father. Could Kate perhaps have been there when Jack passed?

There is no doubt the show will keep fans hooked for many years to come. This is Us was just renewed for two more seasons on NBC. Show creator Fogelman feels confident that they will never run out of story lines for the beloved Pearson clan. While everyone waits impatiently for the stories to be revealed, don’t miss Mandy, Milo, and the rest of this incredible cast on Tuesday nights. The season one finale of This is Us is scheduled to air March 7.

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