‘Girls Night Out’: Lifetime’s Deadly Scavenger Hunt Movie Grips With Extreme Hazing Scenes, Starring Mackenzie Mauzy On LMN

If you want to see a thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat this weekend, prepare for the premiere of Girls Night Out, a brand new Lifetime Movie Network movie about a man set on getting revenge on a woman who once accused him of rape. Girls Night Out is directed by Philippe Gagnon and written by Lisa Steele. This latest movie thriller is an Incendo Productions presentation. It stars Katherine Barrell as Sadie, Mackenzie Mauzy as McKenzie, Jacob Blair as Brandon, Kelly Kruger as Joelle, Cody Ray Thompson as Reese, and Tristan D. Lalla as Santa, according to IMDB.

LMN’s Synopsis of Girls Night Out

McKenzie is getting ready to have the best night ever as she prepares for her upcoming bachelorette party, which is just months away. You see McKenzie is getting married to the love of her life, her fiancé. Together with her two other girlfriends, they set the scene for some epic fun that will allow them to create some wonderful memories. But what starts out as a night of unforgettable fun turns to a nightmare when McKenzie’s ex-boyfriend, Brandon, comes back to town with the intention of ruining her life.

Before McKenzie became engaged, she was dating Brandon, an out of control freak who ended up raping her one night. McKenzie fought back by revealing what Brandon had done, which ended up sort of ruining his life and destroying his chances to enter into the National Hockey League.

Well it’s payback time. Now, Brandon is set on getting the revenge he deserves by destroying McKenzie’s wedding and the rest of her life. And she’s not the target. The groom has been kidnapped by Brandon from a local bar after he drops drugs in his drink.

Brandon video tapes the unresponsive groom to push McKenzie into performing a series of bizarre scavenger hunt games that involve extreme hazing acts, much like those they did in college. And even worse, McKenzie’s two best friends are also pulled into the deadly plot.

The mental torture sends McKenzie to the brink of breaking. But she has no time for a mental breakdown, she must save her man in time before she is forced to change her story and exonerate a rapist who could end up killing them both in the end.

Girls Night Out on Lifetime Movie Network (LMN) looks like the perfect Sunday night movie. And the topic of extreme hazing is an appropriate one since it happens in colleges around the United States every day.

One True Story Hazing Case

  • At Hofstra University, members who were pledging were made to chug down milk, stay locked in a cage, and perform extreme hazing tasks while blindfolded, according to Sott.

Other Staggering Statistics Regarding Hazing, according to Alfred.

  • 25 percent of those who reported being hazed were first hazed before the age of 13.
  • Dangerous hazing activities are as prevalent among high school students (22%) as among college athletes (21%).
  • Substance abuse in hazing is prevalent in high school (23%) and increases in college (51%)
  • 48 percent of students who belong to groups reported being subjected to hazing activities.
  • 43 percent reported being subjected to humiliating activities.
  • 30 percent reported performing potentially illegal acts as part of their initiation.

Regarding scavenger hunts. There was one story circulating around the internet that a woman sought the ultimate revenge against her cheating boyfriend by making him perform several embarrassing scavenger hunts. You can look at the list here.

Jean Bureau is listed as the executive producer for Lifetime Movie Network’s Girls Night Out. It airs this Sunday at 8/7 p.m. Central on LMN, according to Incendo. Debuting on the Lifetime channel this week is the movie Beaches, starring Nia Long.

[Featured Image by Incendo Productions]