Kim Zolciak Hints That She Wants Another Baby With Husband Kroy Biermann

Former Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kim Zolciak appears to be wishing for a seventh child as she shares a telling post featuring husband Kroy Biermann.

Zolciak, 38, may already be a mother to six kids, but that isn’t stopping her from wanting “just one more.” The blonde entrepreneur shared a flashback photo this past week of Kroy holding newborn son Kane with the caption “just one more love?!” as she asked her hubby if they could have another baby.

Fans seem to think Kim and Kroy should have one more child together— she has two teen daughters from a previous relationship and four children with him— as they comment things such as “more please.” Other Instagram users said Kim and Kroy should have more babies because they make beautiful kids together.

“Yes! You two make beautiful babies! Have more!!”

And baby clothes designer Marlee Ro, a.k.a. Markie Hayes, weighed in saying they want more Beirmann babies to dress.

“Yes! Pleassssssssseeee! I need more Biermann babies to dress”

Other commenters told Kim how her life seems to be so much more complete and happy now as compared to her first days on Bravo’s RHOA, when she only had daughters Brielle and Ariana and was dating a mysterious sugar daddy.

“I have watched you since the beginning of HWOA. I must say your life is so much better now & I so enjoy watching you being full-filled now. I am very happy for you.”

Bustle reported on Zolciak’s wish for more children back in July 2016 as this isn’t the first time the mom has mentioned having more kids. In addition to 19-year-old Brielle and 15-year-old Ariana, Kim has sons KJ, 5, and Kash, 4, along with 3-year-old twins Kane and Kaia.

As one could assume, Zolciak leads a hectic and busy life. One that Bustle reported on as a Don’t Be Tardy for the Party season five trailer aired.

“Then, the Real Housewives of Atlanta alum mentions wanting to have another baby, on top of all of this…”

The article goes on to state that despite having such a chaotic household, Kim is managing to keep it all together as she continues to build her Kashmere skin line, partner with businesses for ads, and collaborate for designing children’s shoes.

“I truly don’t know how Kim or any of the rest of them do it, because this would drive me crazy. But, somehow, there they are, thriving amidst it all, and wanting to add on even more.”

Radar Online reported as late as September 2016, that Kim is pressuring Kroy into having another baby despite him having a vasectomy. Biermann was also cut from the Buffalo Bills last year before the NFL season began, meaning he is currently not playing, however, none of this seems to be getting in Kim’s way of having one more little one.

“The athlete, 31, who was recently cut from the Buffalo Bills, had a vasectomy shortly after wife Kim Zolciak-Biermann gave birth to twins, but baby crazy Kim continues to pressure him to expand their brood.”

The story adds that Kroy didn’t have any sperm frozen, meaning the couple would need to undergo more fertility procedures if they wanted to get pregnant.

“Despite Kroy’s reluctance and possible risks to her own health, Kim is intent on exploring their options.”

But that was months ago. Perhaps Kim and Kroy have decided not to expand their family after all, even though the mother-of-six still randomly suggests it.

[Featured Image by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]