Finance Minister George Osborne Tops British Nightmares, Survey Reveals

British Finance Minister George Osborne is the most likely person to appear in a British citizen’s nightmares according to a recently released study.

Osborne is a member of the ruling Conservative party. During a medal ceremony at the Paralympics this summer in London, the Chancellor of the Exchequer was booed by thousands of attendees.

Osborne has come under increased scrutiny and pressure from British citizens after his austerity measures led to drastic cuts in welfare. The Chancellor also helped usher in a freezing of public sector pay.

Apparently nightmares regarding political figures are common place in Britain where former Labor Prime Minister Gordon Brown came in second place.

The study was conducted by hotel group Travelodge, and it asked 2,000 people to explain their worst nightmares and recurring themes, people, places, etc.

In third place was former glamour model Katie Price.

According to Travelodge spokeswoman Shakila Ahmed in an interview with Reuters:

“Suffering from nightmares that involve the Chancellor, money and losing a job are a true reflection of how the credit crunch, and the double dip recession, has affected our well-being as well as our money.”

Nightmares regarding financial entities in Europe shouldn’t come as a surprise while the country fights through a weakening Euro; continued uncertainty over Greece, Italy, and other surrounding regions; and drastic cuts to its public spending programs.

If you were likely to have a nightmare about any public official, who would you freak out over?