‘The Bachelor’ 2017 Spoilers: Corinne Olympios Stirs Up More Drama, When Will Nick Viall Send Her Packing?

Every season there is always a villain or two that emerge on The Bachelor. Season 21 has been no different and Corinne Olympios wasted no time in managing to get the women to dislike her. Corinne’s aggressive behavior towards Bachelor Nick Viall has everybody talking. Olympios does not seem to care who she angers with her actions. Corinne has made it clear that she is there to win Nick’s heart, not to make friends. With things never seeming to go quite right when Corinne is involved, there is zero doubt more drama is on the horizon.

So far Corinne has definitely kept the women angry at her. Not only did she snag the first kiss with Nick, but she also slept through a rose ceremony, continuously stole time with Viall first, and repeatedly interrupted other conversations. Corinne also aggressively tried to seduce Nick with lingerie, trench coats, whipped cream, and bouncy houses. Let’s also not forget the wedding photo shoot where Corinne took her bikini top off and had Nick grab her breasts for a photo.

People reported information about the upcoming episode in Nick’s home state of Wisconsin. On a group date the girls get down and dirty on a farm and one task was to shovel cow manure. Corinne, who has a nanny, wanders off from the others. Corinne made it clear to the cameras that she wasn’t thrilled about this date at all. Since her nanny seems to do everything for her, including cooking her favorite meal of cheese pasta, it’s no wonder Corinne wasn’t up to the task of some stinky manual labor.


When Viall notices Corinne is missing from the action, he asks the others where she is. Olympios is seen sitting alone pouting. In an interview away from the other women on the date, Corinne whines that she needs sushi. While it’s not known yet exactly how Nick handles the situation, there is a preview clip which shows Viall talking to another woman and he says, “My blood’s boiling right now.” Everyone will find out Monday if this comment Nick made was about Corinne or something else entirely.

With Nick possibly angry at Corinne and of course with her lack of participation in the dirty work, will it be enough for Nick to finally send Olympios packing? The answer is no. Nick keeps Corinne and no doubt the women are still wondering, as they have before, what exactly Viall sees in her.

No doubt her behavior and Nick’s willingness to keep her around will have the other ladies talking — and the drama is not over yet. Reality Steve shared how Taylor’s dislike for Corinne will finally come to a head when the two get into it prior to a rose ceremony. Corinne apparently did not like it when Taylor said she was “emotionally unintelligent.” Taylor is a mental health counselor and had very strong opinions about the other women, especially Corinne, during her time on the show.

Both Taylor and Corinne are given roses by Nick at next week’s rose ceremony, but will find themselves on a two-on-one date during Episode 5. According to Steve, Corinne stays and Taylor goes.

It is in Episode 6 where fans will see Corinne sneak off to Nick’s room in New Orleans to comfort him after a hard day. Olympios will be doing her best to get Viall to have sex with her. No doubt she tries aggressively and no doubt Nick is tempted, but according to Reality Steve, Nick sends her back to her hotel room telling her it is not a good idea right now.

While Corinne is not liked by many in the house or among The Bachelor’s huge fan base, Olympios is still human and has feelings. Countless jokes have been made regarding nanny Raquel and Corinne is speaking out about it all. A GoFundMe account was created by a user to raise money to free Raquel. Corinne spoke out against the campaign by sharing a photo on her Instagram of the GoFundMe account and she had the following to say.


In another Instagram post, Corinne defended herself against all the haters in Bachelor Nation. Olympios posted a photo of herself and said the following.

Us Weekly spoke with former Bachelor winner and villain Courtney Robertson to get her take on Corinne. Robertson revealed she was impressed with Olympios and her aggressiveness towards Nick. Courtney said, “I gotta hand it to any girl who knows what she wants and goes after it. She clearly does and is doing just that, so kudos, Corinne.”

Being a villain isn’t easy and Nick definitely seems to have his hands full with Corinne, but how long will he keep her around? Reality Steve shared that Olympios will make it all the way to the final four. That’s a whole lot of drama that has yet to happen! While it has not been revealed exactly why things don’t work out, Nick sends Corinne home after hometown dates. Are you happy Nick finally sends Corinne home? Why do you think Nick kept her around so long?

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