Amy Duggar King Announces Next Project — And It’s Not A Reality Show

Amy (Duggar) King has been hinting at a big secret project for months, and now she’s made the announcement. Though hints she had previously dropped suggested she might be working on a reality show focused on home design, that’s not wat she announced late Friday evening. Instead, she revealed what “Shop Sweet Rachelle” — something she posted on Instagram days ago — is all about.

Amy King revealed the Instagram account for the project earlier this week, though as of Saturday, it has no posts, only a description.

“Cuddle up in a new comfy chic line for your lazy days & your lounging nights✌Coming Soon in February!”

The former Duggar also included a link, though this too (again, as of Saturday) has no content.

King tweeted Friday evening that she was working on her new clothing line.

While she hasn’t revealed items from the line yet, Amy King has been criticized before for promoting clothing lines and other products on her social media accounts. Just over a week ago, Amy shared a photo promoting two clothing lines — one of which donates hats to children with cancer.

One Instagram user left an angry response, saying that Amy is a “sellout” and that she joined Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars to avoid getting a real job. The poster added that Amy can’t make money from appearances on the Duggar family’s reality show anymore and accused her of lying about being abused by her husband.

Amy King responded.

“Have you ever thought that ‘hmm..maybe I am making assumptions?’ HMM… Maybe tabloids are the ones who lie and twist the story around? Hmm.. maybe just maybe I am a genuine person? Why would I say my husband hurt me? That’s the farthest thing from the truth? Check your resources.”

The young woman who became famous as the “rebel Duggar” didn’t address allegations of refusing to “get a real job,” however. It’s something that Amy and Dillon King have been responding to for some time now.

Dillon King responded to a similar statement on the couple’s social media a year ago, suggesting that judging them for their association with a reality show was unfair.

“I married into the Duggar family. [T]hat doesn’t mean I don’t have a job.”

As for being paid for endorsing products, Amy King has openly spoken about this, saying that some of her posts about products are “sponsored,” but that they are products King really uses.

On other posts, however, Amy King appears to suggest that she names companies, designers, or stores only because she is often asked.

As for Amy Duggar King’s clothing line, she’s revealed very little about it, other than to describe it as “comfy chic” and to describe the softness of clothing items.

“It’s comfy items! The tshirts are buttery soft!”

However, the emphasis on the name “Rachelle” is reminiscent of the Duggar cousin’s saga over her name and its associations. She told People magazine in September 2015 that she couldn’t wait to drop the Duggar name, and suggested she was ready to be seen as someone other than the “rebel Duggar.”

On social media, her bios included lines like the following.

“I was once a Duggar, now I’m just a normal girl….”

“From a Duggar to a King!”

However, the website she started with her husband Dillon King (currently “under construction,” either as a part of Amy’s store opening or a separate project) was titled “DillAndDuggs” — a reference to the names “Dillon” and “Duggar.” Her blog on the site listed her name as “Amy (Duggar) King.” Even as recently as the filming of Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars, Amy’s connection to the Duggar name is front and center — she discusses being the ‘rebel Duggar’ in her introduction on the show.

Naming her clothing line for her given middle name, Rachelle, may be one more instance of Amy (née Duggar) King making an effort to reframe her fame without the Duggar name.

[Featured Image by Dillon & Amy King/Facebook]