Red Velvet Comeback In 2017: SM Entertainment K-pop Girl Group Reported To Make Return Late January Or Early February [Video]

Last year in 2016, the current generation of K-pop girl groups among the “Big Three” — SM Entertainment, YG Entertainment, and JYP Entertainment — really got to show their worth to their fans. For YG Entertainment, Black Pink’s debut was considered the best for the year, making an impact with their debut mini-album Square One. They would follow up with a K-pop comeback in less than three months titled Square Two. For JYP Entertainment, Twice dominated the music charts with their two featured title track songs for their two comebacks Page Two and TWICEcoaster: LANE 1.

Red Velvet did have two successful comebacks with two mini-albums, The Velvet and Russian Roulette. However, compared to what Black Pink and Twice did, it wasn’t as grandiose. Maybe it is because Red Velvet is technically far more established than the other two so they don’t need to push as hard to promote. They did debut three years ago and have the backing of the most prominent entertainment label and company in South Korea.

Red Velvet -- Russian Roulette Group Photo 1

Just because they are established does not mean Red Velvet is slacking off anytime soon. As a matter of fact, they may be the first of the three mentioned earlier to make their 2017 K-pop comeback. Reportedly, Red Velvet will make their 2017 K-pop comeback either later on this month in January or early next month in February.

The news was made on Thursday, January 19, when numerous industry insiders claimed that Red Velvet was aiming for a 2017 K-pop comeback in the aforementioned time range for release, as reported by AllKpop. As always, any news or claims made by industry insiders should be taken with a grain of sale even if they happen to be credible, but apparently they knew what was going on as SM Entertainment came forward to confirm that Red Velvet was indeed working on a new album.

“Red Velvet are currently preparing for a new album. Comeback promotions will begin next week, so please give them your attention.”

Along with the fact that Red Velvet is releasing new content just four months after releasing Russian Roulette, as mentioned earlier, they will be the first to apparently release something new among the second generation K-pop girl groups of the “Big Three.” Earlier this week, industry insiders also revealed that Twice would release an album in February. JYP Entertainment confirmed Twice was indeed working on an extension of TWICEcoaster: LANE 1 but they did not comment on it releasing in February. As for Black Pink, nothing has been reported so far.

Presently, most of Red Velvet has been out of entertainment news’ spotlight this month with the exception of Joy and Irene. Earlier this month, K-netizens assumed Joy was dating V of BTS. A video of V “starring intensely” at Irene at the “2016 MBC Music Festival” was utilized by Korean gossip rags to justify a relationship between the two. The fabrication in turn spread like wildfire on the internet especially on social media.

Red Velvet -- Russian Roulette Irene Teaser 1

Irene, on the other hand, is in the spotlight for a more positive venture as she was chosen as the number one beauty among female idols on Chart Men. According to the Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) broadcast, she was chosen for her beauty and flawless looks even before she was a K-pop idol. She also received much attention as the leader of the girl group for looking after her fellow members, ironing out their school uniforms and packing their snacks. Taeyeon of Girls’ Generation was second while Solar of Mamamoo was third.

We will keep an eye out for Red Velvet’s first K-pop comeback for 2017. We know we are getting close to their debut once pre-release promotions start to drop which includes teaser individual and group images, album cover preview, and snippets of all the songs on said album.

[Featured Image by SM Entertainment]