Stephen Colbert Talks Trump Inauguration Speech, Says It Was Like ‘Lincoln Huffing Paint Thinner’

Liberal late night host Stephen Colbert isn’t a fan of Donald Trump, nor has he ever pretended to be. So, it’s no surprise that Colbert refused to pull punches on inauguration evening, taking aim at Trump’s inauguration speech, his tie, and the “shade” classy former First Lady Michelle Obama threw at Melania with nothing more than the look on her face.

As The Hollywood Reporter reports, Stephen Colbert compared Trump’s inauguration speech to “Lincoln huffing paint thinner.” Hardly a rousing endorsement of the 45th POTUS, and Colbert didn’t stop there on Friday night’s The Late Show.

Stephen Colbert’s snide commentary was a direct reflection of the left’s reaction to Donald Trump finally being sworn into office after a divisive, controversial campaign, a disputed victory that prompted several re-counts and one of the biggest popular vote losses in presidential history. While others took to the streets in D.C. and cities across the country to protest, loot, and otherwise express their displeasure at the president, Stephen Colbert used his popular TV show as his soapbox, as he so often has in the past.

“That’s it. Donald Trump is president. He knows the launch codes, and he hasn’t tweeted them yet… So far, so good.”

Colbert also used his monologue to talk about Trump’s apparent opinion of the current state of the United States, an opinion reflected in the “doomy” tone that Trump portrayed in his inaugural address to the nation. In fact, Stephen Colbert was so moved by the feel of the Trump inauguration speech that he coined a new-ish term to describe how Donald feels about pre-Trump America: “turd storm.”

“Enough. We get it. The country is a turd storm. You can stop now. He knows he won, right? Putin must have told him.”

As is tradition, outgoing President Obama was front-and-center at the Trump inauguration festivities, and as such had a great seat to the inaugural address that so ruffled Stephen Colbert’s feathers. Colbert noted that Trump used his time addressing his less-than-impressive inauguration crown to address how much he apparently believes “the former president sucks.”

Colbert even managed to squeeze a reference to the Donald Trump “golden shower” drama into his over 13-minute attack on the Trump inaugural speech. According to the late night host, the Obama and Biden team were forced to take Trump’s bashing, to “sit there as helpless as a damp Russian mattress.”

As Rolling Stone reports, Stephen Colbert gave a special shout out to the outgoing First Lady, and that look on her face when she gracefully accepted a gift from Melania Trump on Friday morning. That look was instantly immortalized, becoming a meme that took over social media.

According to Colbert, the amount of “shade” Michelle Obama threw with that one look alone could have been responsible for the dark Washington D.C. skies during the inauguration.

“If it seemed a little dark in the capital, it’s either because it was overcast, or because Michelle Obama was throwing so much shade.”

That wasn’t the only portion of the Stephen Colbert inauguration recap in which the host of The Late Show converged with the social media response to Trump’s big day. Colbert also jumped on the “Trump tie” bandwagon, mocking the inexplicably long red tie Trump wore to the big day. A tie that was inexplicably long.

Okay, not really that long. But almost.

And also held together by clear tape, something that didn’t go unnoticed by the masses.

As Stephen Colbert is known to do, he had a unique explanation for why the incoming POTUS would choose a tie so much longer than is traditional.

“It’s very handy. You can use it to hide an erection. Which I will not have for four years now.”

What do you think of the Friday late night recap of the Trump inauguration? Did Stephen Colbert get it right, or did he take his dislike of Trump too far than is acceptable when reporting on a new president?

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