Jules Wainstein Homeless? ‘RHONY’ Star’s Ex Caught Out Partying While Claiming He Is Broke

Jules Wainstein cut ties with her husband last year and she might have parted ways with her luxurious Manhattan home as well. In the midst of her divorce battle with ex-husband, Michael, Jules might get evicted for failing to pay rent.

Radar Online reported that Michael hasn’t been keeping up with the rent for Jules part of their shared Manhattan apartment. Jules and Michael are living on separate floors of the apartment, and her husband is supposed to fit the bill while the divorce is settled in court.

“There are problems with respect to the marital residence,” Allan Mayefsky, Jules’ lawyer, explained. “There are eviction notices outstanding for my client’s two floors of their residence. Not the 3rd floor, which is the plaintiff’s piece, just her two.”

Jules’ portion of the apartment includes an area for their two children – Jagger and Rio. It isn’t clear why Michael isn’t paying rent, though Mayefsky blames it on his lavish partying. “He is hosting Shabbat parties for 30 families,” he claims. “It’s absurd. There is no money coming this way. We wonder how he’s paying his expenses. He seems to be doing okay. He’s living fine and not kicked out!”

In defense, Michael’s attorney, Leia Richardson, says that Jules’ apartment hasn’t been paid for since 2014. It wasn’t until October of last year that Michael got caught up with his floor’s monthly payments. The rent isn’t the only thing Jules is worried about.

“Mr. Wainstein hasn’t paid $10,000 on September 30 of 2016 or $10,000 on Oct 28, 2016, for tuition for the children, utilities, Uber, transportation, nanny and weekly groceries,” Mayefsky explained. “No payments. He has not paid tuition. The Uber account shuts off and on. There are constant terminations of service for Time Warner Cable. Council stated in September on the record, that Uber would be paid.”

With Michael failing to pay rent and bills, the Daily Mail reported that Jules is facing eviction. Jules’ ex-husband owes her $20,000 for child support and over $34,000 for rent, none of which has been paid. A judge told Michael to get caught up at the end of September and again ordered him to pay $25,000 to Jules this past week.

Michael’s net worth is believed to be around $25 million. The couple founded the firm Private Capital Group and tied the knot in 2008. Their marriage lasted until July of 2016, shortly after Jules Wainstein made her first appearance on the Real Housewives of New York.

Reality Tea reported that Jules and Michael are scheduled for another hearing in February. A judge is expected to review their case and determine if Michael is keeping up with his financial promises. If Michael doesn’t start paying rent and getting Jules caught up on bills, then he could face legal problems of his own.

There’s no telling if Michael will start paying or not. According to NY Daily News, Michael’s lawyer blames his failing business for not meeting the financial obligations. In fact, Richardson told Judge Mike Katz that Michael was “caught between a rock and a hard place” after the divorce, and the negative media coverage didn’t help matters.

Michael was planning on using the money he gained from selling his Mercedes to get caught up on the bills. Unfortunately, a judge ordered him to give the money directly to Jules. “He has to figure out a way to comply with the order,” Katz said. “I don’t know what efforts he’s making to earn income. $25,000 is going to have to be passed onto the defendant or it’s a violation of the stipulation.”

Jules Wainstein and Michael Wainstein have not commented on the situation.

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