NBA Trade Rumors: Chicago Bulls Have Interest In Phoenix Suns’ Forward P.J. Tucker

The Chicago Bulls may look to add some defense before the NBA trade deadline. NBA trade rumors that are suggesting that P.J. Tucker of the Phoenix Suns has caught the Bulls’ interest. What might keep a deal from happening between the Bulls and Suns is aspiring Phoenix’s trade demands.

Arizona Sports is reporting that the Chicago Bulls are among several teams who have contacted the Phoenix Suns about the availability of free agent to-be, P.J. Tucker. Tucker, a small forward fits what the Bulls need. He is a defensive specialist who can make an open three-point shot.

For Bulls fans who are not familiar with P.J. Tucker, think Keith Bogans with a better jump shot and rebounding ability. The problem with the idea of the Chicago Bulls trading for him, aside for his age, Tucker is 31, is what the Phoenix Suns want in return. Arizona Sports speaks of the latter in detail.

“If a team willing to rent Tucker would be willing to give up a first-round pick or solid young player, it is likely a deal could get done. But I’m not sure the Suns have much interest in a second-round pick at this time.”

John Gambadoro, who covers the Suns for Arizona Sports was skeptical when speaking of the Suns demands, yet curious.

“It seems unlikely a team trading for Tucker would give up a first-round pick unless they believe they can re-sign him, but you never know. And Ryan McDonough has done wonders on trades for Markieff Morris and Goran Dragic, so these next few weeks will be very interesting, especially with several teams high on Tucker.”

If a bidding war is expected for P.J. Tucker, then it is doubtful if the Chicago Bulls will stay involved once the asking price gets too out of hand. Tucker is an older player. And he does not fit the mold of what the Bulls have set as their type of player, but Tucker is someone every team should have.

P.J. Tucker is high-energy despite his age. If the Chicago Bulls were to add via trade, Tucker could team with veterans Dwyane Wade and Jimmy Butler to help teach the younger players how to be professionals. That is invaluable for a team with as many young players as the Chicago Bulls have. It also has factored in to why the Phoenix Suns will not simply give him away.

The Suns value P.J. Tucker and the intangibles that he provides. And to pry him away it would take a first round pick.

While the Chicago Bulls could use a couple of players with intangibles, acquiring playmakers and athletic scorers should rank highest on their list. And the Phoenix Suns have a player who is a little bit of both in point guard Brandon Knight. But is he available?

The Suns have considered shopping Brandon Knight, according to ESPN’s Marc Stein. If the Suns decide that it is time to move Knight, he would be one of the most talented players on the trade market. That is the direction where the Chicago Bulls should look if they do engage in more serious talks with the Suns.

The Chicago Bulls reportedly having interest in P.J. Tucker could turn out to be a smokescreen when it is all over. It could also be the precursor to a larger deal between the Bulls and Suns. There is a trade that could work for both teams.

The Bulls could offer the Suns a trade package of Rajon Rondo, Bobby Portis, and the 2018, first round pick, with lottery protection for Brandon Knight and P.J. Tucker.

This would give the Bulls both the athletic scorer and a player with intangibles. The Suns would get the first round pick they are seeking, a former first round pick with promise in Portis, and Rondo’s contract. The latter is something the Suns can get out from under immediately by waiving him. In this trade scenario both the Chicago Bulls and Phoenix get what they want.

Trade discussions between the Chicago Bulls and Phoenix Suns could be just that — trade discussions. Nothing is set in stone. NBA trade rumors will continue on until deals start pouring in. There are plenty of reasons to believe that the Chicago Bulls have had talks with the Phoenix Suns. What is not known is to what extent have the Bulls and Suns spoke.

Could P.J. Tucker be heading to the Chicago Bulls? If so, there is a hunch that he will not be coming alone.

[Featured Image by Christian Peterson/Getty Images]