Fetty Wap In Legal War With His Ex Over Leaked Sex Tape

Fetty Wap's ex claims she didn't release a sex tape with the rapper, according to Hollywood Life. Alexis Sky says she isn't responsible for leaking the sex tape featuring the "Trap Queen" hitmaker.

A sex tape featuring Fetty Wap and his ex-girlfriend surfaced on the Internet earlier this month, and many believe Sky is responsible for the leak. But in her exclusive interview with Hollywood Life, Sky denies reports that she had leaked the footage and claims someone is "playing her."

Tensions between Fetty Wap and Sky reached their highest in the aftermath of reports alleging the rapper's ex-girlfriend leaked the sex tape. But Sky claims the rumors are nonsense, explaining that she has a business, which is why she would have "a lot to lose" if she leaked the sex tape.

"I'm trying to act. These type of things follow you. That's not the route I was trying to go. I transitioned to a vixen to a business woman."
But Sky, who broke up with Fetty Wap in April 2016, after claiming the rapper had cheated on her, admits that the sex tape didn't show Fetty Wap in a good light either.
"I don't condone it on both ends. Whoever did it is trying to play me and trying to downplay me."
Earlier this month, Sky and Fetty Wap's current girlfriend Slevin Monroe (Blu) had a social media catfight after the sex tape was leaked on the Internet. After a report had accused Sky of being responsible for the leak, Blu took to Instagram to slam the rapper's ex-girlfriend.But in her interview with Hollywood Life, Sky claims she's not feuding with Blu. In fact, Sky says she was on a plane on her way to Miami when a picture showing Fetty Wap and Sky allegedly having sex leaked out. And then when she landed, Sky found out the sex tape was already out.
"I called my lawyer before I took off and told him he had to put a stop to this because I was scared. I'm not accusing anybody. All I know is that it got out."
It's been almost a year since Fetty Wap and Sky ended their romance so hopefully there are no hard feelings between the two, and the heated dispute can be resolved as soon as possible. But the "My Way" singer will never let anyone profit from leaking a sex tape with him, according to TMZ.

Shortly after the sex tape leaked out, Fetty Wap explained his end of the story. While the rapper claims he wasn't responsible for the leak, he already has his legal team working actively to resolve the much talked about conflict.

Fetty Wap's lawyers reportedly sent cease and desist letters to websites sharing the sex tape and also to Sky. While the lawyers don't directly accuse Sky of leaking the steamy footage, they reportedly threaten the rapper's ex with a lawsuit if they find evidence that she was ultimately responsible for the leak.

It's also interesting because Fetty Wap, Sky, and their reps won't confirm if that's definitely the rapper and Sky on the sex tape. The "Trap Queen" hitmaker reportedly believes he and Sky were the only people in possession of their sex tapes.

Celebrity sex tapes are a tricky thing, as both parties have to sign off on any distribution deal. That's why Sky's attorney Eric Croone told TMZ that his client is also considering legal action as the sex tape featuring Sky and Fetty Wap doing the deed was leaked without her permission.

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