WWE News: Stone Cold Steve Austin Talks About Giving Donald Trump A Stone Cold Stunner

Donald Trump, for those living under a rock, is officially the President of the United States. During the campaign, the anti-Trump faction attempted to destroy his credibility in various ways. One way that was attempted was to tie the Republican candidate to Vince McMahon and the WWE.

Trump’s relationship with the WWE goes all the way back to WrestleMania IV and V when the events were held at Trump Plaza in Atlantic City, New Jersey. He and McMahon developed a relationship which would culminate in Donald Trump being part of one of the WWE storylines in 2007, culminating at WrestleMania 23.

At WrestleMania 23, Donald Trump and Vince McMahon each selected a wrestler to represent them. Trump picked Bobby Lashley while McMahon picked Umaga. The two billionaires put their hair on the line. If Lashley were to beat Umaga, Trump would get to shave McMahon’s head. If Umaga were to get the win, Vince would shave Donald’s head. Because of the potential for the match to get out of hand, Stone Cold Steve Austin was chosen to be the special guest referee.

In the WWE, Vince had shown he was never afraid to get into a physical altercation. What was shocking in this match was the fact that Trump got physical with McMahon when Donald hit him with a clothesline and then pounded on him. Highlights from this match are in the video below.

Vince McMahon, Donald Trump

Bobby Lashley won the match at WrestleMania 23. With Steve Austin being the referee, a celebration with beer was in order. Donald enjoyed a beer with Austin and then Austin hit Trump with a Stone Cold Stunner.

Austin spoke with Complex about hitting Donald Trump with a Stone Cold Stunner.

“Vince says to me, ‘Steve, I’m going to see if I can get Donald to take the Stunner. I said, ‘you think?’ He says, ‘Oh yeah, it’ll be great, it’ll be great.’ He goes up to Donald and says, ‘Hey Donald, this is Stone Cold Steve Austin.’ I shook Donald’s hand. He goes, ‘Listen, I want to know if after the match, when everything is done, if Steve could hit the Stone Cold Stunner on you.’ Donald says, ‘You think it’d be a good thing?’ and Vince goes, ‘Oh, of course it would be. It would just blow the roof off the place.’ And Donald’s right hand guy was saying, ‘No, no, no! You don’t need to do this, we got other things to do!’ He’s trying to talk him out of it. And Donald says to Vince, ‘You think it’ll help?’ and Vince goes, ‘I promise you it’ll help.’ And Donald says, ‘Okay, I’ll do it.'”

“It wasn’t a picture-perfect stunner, but I give Donald Trump a hell of a lot of credit for being a man. He was a stand-up guy, he was there to do business and we did business, so I respect the man for that. If I see him giving a speech on the TV, I don’t think, ‘Hey, I gave this guy a stunner.’ We were doing business and we did business. The fact that he is going to be the next President of the United States, it’s a hell of a story.”

On the night before WrestleMania, the WWE holds their Hall of Fame ceremony. It has become customary for the WWE to put one celebrity into their Hall of Fame and Donald Trump was that celebrity in 2013.

The relationship between Trump and the McMahons was solidified even further CBS News reported that Trump had selected Linda McMahon for the cabinet position of head of the Small Business Administration.

Linda McMahon

Do you think Donald Trump’s relationship with the WWE is a good thing or a bad thing?

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