Body Language Experts Give Inauguration Verdict: Donald Trump ‘A Bit Selfish’ As Obamas Do Their Best To Help ‘Neglected’ Melania Trump

Body language experts weighed in on Friday’s inauguration citing that Donald Trump was a “bit selfish” but still respectful of Barack Obama, and that Melania Trump’s needs were neglected by her husband but fortunately, the Obamas were there for her.

Donald Trump with Melania during inauguration

Patty Wood shared to the Daily Mail that Donald was selfish because of how he treated his wife. On the other hand, she noted that Barack and Michelle Obama’s relationship is remarkable – something commonly mentioned for the past eight years the Obamas have been making appearances.

The body language expert also said that while Hillary Clinton looked calm and collected, some of her actions showed fear. Patty compared Hillary to a soldier preparing for the field because of how she noticeably took deep breaths and how she stiffened her arms.

“She is steeling herself to make this entrance and her freeze response shows that she has a stark fear about what is going to happen,” Patty remarked.

Things are different with the Obamas, who Patty said, exuded warmth. When the Trumps arrived for the first time at the White House, Melania brought with her a box from renowned jeweler Tiffany and Co. The gift was for Michelle and as the exiting First Lady wondered where she would place the present, her husband immediately came to the rescue and took the box from her.

Patty described the scene as “magical” and pointed out that this dynamic was not present in Donald and Melania’s. She used the example of Donald exiting the car and leaving his nervous wife to her own devices.

“It’s interesting that Trump got out of the car and came up the stairs and shook hands instead of helping his wife out of the car, waiting for her, or even looking back for her. He could have even held her arm to help her up those stairs. Yes, he is about to be president, but there are etiquette rules, and these behaviors showed no care or respect or warmth for her as he came in and that did not change during the greeting exchange.”

The Obamas appeared to have noticed Melania’s discomfort. Sensing how nervous she was, Barack and Michelle gave Melania a smile and put their arms around her. For Patty, it was the couple’s way to bring Melania up “into the picture” and made her feel that she wasn’t left out.

“This is such a beautiful moment. The awareness of her needs and attending to them in the way that her husband is not,” the expert added.

Even if Donald did not leave a great impression with how he took care of his other half, his body language showed his respect for Barack. His “relaxed and open” face reportedly implied that “he has no desire to dominate.”

Donald Trump and Barack Obama greet each other

Leadership coach and body language expert Carol Kinsey Goman published a Forbes article which stated that during Donald’s speech, his expressions were guarded.

“While eliminating his signature jaw juts and smirks was a good choice, Trump missed the chance to non-verbally express positive feelings about his vision of the future. Why didn’t he – ever – smile?”

Patrick Stewart, a scientist who has previously published researches about nonverbal communication exhibited by politicians, told the publication that the lack of smiles was a norm for the 45th President of the United States since his nonverbal communication focuses “less on happiness/reassurance and more on anger/threat displays.”

Donald’s 16-minute-and-12-second inauguration speech brought in a total of 30.6 million viewers. The address, which was aired by major broadcast and cable networks, promised a “new vision” for the country that would focus on key issues, particularly crime and terrorism.

As Donald promised, “From this day forward it is going to be only America First, America First.”

[Featured Image by Kevin Dietsch/AP]