Brooke Burke Dances Gangnam Style [Video]

Brooke Burke went into an impromptu “Gangnam Style” dance with her photographer at the end of a photo shoot, and it was caught on cell phone video.

Television personality, actress, model, and entrepreneur Brooke Burke, a.k.a Brooke Burke-Charvet, is of course the co-host of Dancing with the Stars, but she apparently hasn’t given up fashion modeling, in this case lingerie modeling, shown here on the set of an IntiMintshoot.

Brooke Burke was the winner of season seven of Dancing with the Stars in 2008 with partner Derek Hough and began her co-hosting duties on the show two years later effective with season 10.

Earlier this month, comparing it to the “Macarena” craze, a CNN writer declared that “Gangnam Style” was dead, but, to paraphrase Mark Twain, the rumors of the death of “Gangnam Style” have apparently been greatly exaggerated.

Commenting on the runaway success of his internet video hit (which has spawned many covers and parodies), Psy told the European press this week according to that “I didn’t do anything – people hit YouTube, people found this music and they brought it to the world. Not me.”

Separately, Brooke Burke is partnering with Brita and an organization called the Alliance for a Healthier Generation “to encourage kids to reduce their intake of sugary beverages and drink more water,” according to the Kansas City Star.

Watch Brooke Burke do “Gangnam Style” on a video which is in the process of going viral:

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