Thomas Ravenel Blames ‘Southern Charm’ For Split With Kathryn Dennis, Says Reality Fame Caused Family’s Demise

Southern Charm stars and former couple Thomas Ravenel and Kathryn Dennis are back at it again, feuding on social media. In the now-deleted Instagram post, Thomas accused Kathryn of letting fame get the best of her. Making matters worse for the mom of two, Jennifer Snowden, her former BFF, has also now turned against her.

According to Reality Tea, Thomas Ravenel shared a photo of Kathryn Dennis in the hospital taken after the birth of their first child Kensington back in July 2014. While it looked like nothing but an innocent pic at first, it was actually the caption that went with it that surprised Southern Charm fans.

In the now deleted Instagram photo, Thomas seemingly regrets being part of Southern Charm. The reality star revealed that 2014 was the year when everything went downhill, the start of their family’s “demise.”

“The spring of 2014 everything was thumbs up. Bravo cameras arrived in July and everything went downhill fast. Sad… It’s an American tragedy and I’m not being dramatic in the least, just painfully honest what the price of fame can do. Can you put a cost on the demise of a family?”

The outlet reported that it did not take long before Southern Charm fans called out Thomas Ravenel. He even responded to a few of the comments before he eventually decided to delete the controversial post. In one of his responses, Thomas explained that he did not blame Bravo for his failed relationship but rather admitted that he and Kathryn Dennis fell victim to the lure of fame, much like other reality stars. Thomas added that he takes full responsibility for all that has happened.

If they did not go on Southern Charm, Thomas even predicted that he and Kathryn would have still been together.

“Without Bravo together with the Senate campaign pressures I doubt we’d have split after Season 2. I posted that pic of KD not because she looks glamorous but because to me it the one vision I have of her completely happy. And that made me feel the exact same way.”

After being called out by Thomas Ravenel, Kathryn Dennis’ former best friend Jennifer Snowden has also turned her back against her Southern Charm co-star. Speaking to Daily Mail, Jennifer shared that she has not spoken to Kathryn since the reunion last June.

After seeing how Thomas consoled Jennifer, as she was talking about the diagnosis for her unborn child, Kathryn allegedly got infuriated. By accepting Thomas’ handkerchief, Kathryn allegedly took this as a sign that she was siding with Thomas. Jennifer said that Southern Charm fans got to see the real hearts of the cast at that time. She admitted that she was hoping to get sympathy from her co-stars, especially from Kathryn who she has been good friends for a couple of years now.

“I got emotional and Thomas handed me a handkerchief. I accepted it and Kathryn saw that as me showing allegiance to him and not her when what would have been nice would have been for her to reach out and hug me. He was offering me compassion when I needed support, empathy and friendship from anywhere I could get it and it was shocking to me that it didn’t come from someone I had been such a good friend to.”

Jennifer added that Kathryn Dennis has been bad mouthing her on social media because Thomas Ravenel has shown support towards her. While she said that she has forgiven Kathryn, the Southern Charm star admitted that she no longer considers her a friend.

“I don’t want anything bad to happen to her but I don’t have the energy left to navigate what it means to be her friend,” she explained.

[Featured Image by Bravo]