Jennifer Lopez Called ‘Too Old’ After Posting Seductive Photo Online

Is Jenny from the block getting “too old” to post sexy photos? Some Instagram users seem to think so as they left negative comments on Jennifer Lopez’s latest sexy post.

Jennifer shared a rainy day photo on Friday that features plenty of leg as she seductively poses for the camera. The post received over half a million likes within 10 hours, but not everyone was feeling the look. Several of Jennifer’s followers informed the 47-year-old she is getting too old to be sharing such images.

“Getting too old for this”

“You look old here”

“You old bih”

So what was so awful about the photo that these people decided to leave such remarks? You decide. Lopez captioned the innocent enough photo with “mood on a rainy day…” as she implied her gloomy look was due to the weather.

However, other followers called Jennifer out for seeming self-absorbed in her posts.

“Omg so self absorbed! Why cant u ever post something thats not about u…”

Lopez may be coming under fire for her age as she and rapper Drake, who is 17 years younger than her, take their relationship public. In fact, some people are saying Jennifer is too old to be dating 30-year-old Drake. A Facebook page called Savagery shared a photo of the pair with the quote “taken the same year” as Jen appears to be in her 30s and Drake just a young child.

Of course, people had a lot to say about the couple’s age difference, mainly how Lopez is too old to be dating Drake.

“She old and played out. They doing this to try n bring her back.”

Others claimed the image couldn’t be real as the dress Jennifer wears in the photo is from 2000, meaning Drake would have been in his teens and not a small child as shown. However, the point remains that some people are labeling Jennifer as “too old” in more ways than one. In fact, people have been questioning her age and choice of outfits for the past several years.

A site called Cafe Mom asked its audience if “J.Lo is too old to let it all hang out?” after she performed in a see-through dress at an October 2012 concert.

“There’s no question that J.Lo has an amazing body — and she’s obviously proud to show it off. But now that she’s 43 years old, the question is: Should she?”

Jennifer Lopez called old after posting sexy photo to Instagram

The author states that women in their 40s should feel comfortable showing off their bodies, especially if they look like Lopez, but that it makes her feel sad for the singer at the same time.

“On the other hand, seeing so much exposed skin makes me feel a little uncomfortable and sad for J.Lo.”

She continues on to say that Jennifer should find an outfit the accentuates her curves, but that doesn’t make her so naked. Kind of like Lopez’s recent Instagram post where she flaunts a lot of leg and gets called out by haters. While some people straight up call Jennifer too old for the post, others try to appeal to her sensible side as they “politely” tell Jen not to show off so much skin.

“You are so talented… So compassionate.. So funny… So beautiful…You don’t need to try so hard for attention based on the physical being.”

It seems everyone has an opinion when it comes to women of a certain age wearing revealing outfits. Even when that woman is as gorgeous as Jennifer Lopez.

What do you think? Is Jennifer too old to be sharing such photos? And is she too old to be dating Drake?

[Featured Image by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images]