Donald Trump Rant On Twitter Deleted In Part, But Mogul Still Angry About Election

Donald Trump’s Twitter rant last night during which he called for revolution and wrongly claimed that the popular vote had favored Mitt Romney has in part been deleted, but the reality TV mogul has not stepped off his campaign to blast the President and generally express disgust at the election’s results.

As we reported last night, Donald Trump’s rant began in earnest when the election was sealed and President Obama — whose legitimacy had been relentlessly pummeled by Trump in the past few years — was declared the victor.

Trump began heavily inserting himself into the election in recent weeks, claiming to have a massive bombshell to disrupt Obama’s campaign back in October. But the revelation turned out to be nothing more than an attempt to once again suggest Obama was not an American, demanding his college transcripts in exchange for $5 million.

So Obama’s win upsetting Trump is not unexpected, but the vitriol spewed by the mogul was still a bit of a shock to many on Twitter last night.

And the morning after, it seems The Donald has dialed it back a bit with his deletions, aiming for a new target and attacking Brian Williams between tweets predicting doom and gloom for the next four years.

Williams mentioned Trump’s rant on the news last night, joking that the mogul had “driven well past the last exit to relevance and veered into something closer to irresponsible.” And Trump is not pleased, as several ranty tweets today demonstrate:

Do you think Donald Trump’s original rant on Election Day was in poor taste?