Queen Elizabeth On TV: Likes Jenna Coleman In ‘Victoria’ But ‘The Crown’ Is Unrated

Online, many fans of The Crown or Victoria are interested in learning more about Queen Elizabeth II, but does the queen have any interest in these television shows?

When it comes to Victoria versus The Crown, it appears that Queen Elizabeth has already picked a winner. According to Mirror, the British Royal Family loves watching the television series Victoria, and first saw Jenna Coleman playing their ancestor earlier than American audiences.

Queen Victoria is the great, great grandmother of Queen Elizabeth II, and insiders say that her living royal descendants all watch the new episodes of Masterpiece Theater’s Victoria, and episodes began airing in the U.K. on ITV in August 2016.

According to Telegraph, Queen Elizabeth might like racy television because Victoria depicts the queen when she was young and writing vigorously in her diary about her big crush on future husband, Prince Albert.

In America, PBS airs Victoria, and the series has been viewed by American audiences since January 15. According to Entertainment Weekly, by the time Victoria was airing in America, Jenna Coleman was dating her Prince Albert co-star, Tom Hughes.

However, Claire Foy may feel a little bit left out in the cold by Queen Elizabeth — despite playing her in a television series on Netflix called The Crown. In fact, when accepting a Golden Globes award for The Crown, Claire Foy thanked Queen Elizabeth in her acceptance speech.

Queen Elizabeth does not always give opinions about actors.

Despite this, it is alleged by insiders to the British Royal Family that Queen Elizabeth does not have an opinion about Claire Foy or The Crown, as previously reported by the Inquisitr.

Alternatively, with the recent death of Queen Elizabeth’s dearest friend and first cousin, Margaret Rhodes, in late November, the queen may not have had time to watch Claire Foy in The Crown.

Queen Elizabeth was also suffering from a heavy cold throughout most of Christmas and New Year’s — and this is why she missed out on church services at Sandringham.

In other words, since Netflix released The Crown worldwide, Queen Elizabeth could have watched it, but since it was released on November 4, 2016, she may not have had time to tune in.

On the other hand, Queen Elizabeth might still be in the process of watching Season 1 of The Crown, and has not yet had time to form an opinion. In addition, Queen Elizabeth might never comment about the performance of Claire Foy in The Crown, according to actress Helen Mirren.

Although the actress Helen Mirren has played Queen Elizabeth II for a series as well as Queen Elizabeth I, Mirren says that it is not expected that the queen comments on something like acting in the first place. According to Playbill, Helen Mirren stated the following about Queen Elizabeth’s lack of public or private opinion about her acting skills.

“They don’t defend themselves. They don’t say anything. In a sense, it’s not their role to critique that particular world. Likewise, it applies to a film that I know was appreciated by the people around the queen — but the queen herself would never say anything.”

While Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip are known to find most documentaries about the royal family to be highly inflammatory, it might not be surprising that Queen Elizabeth is alleged to be watching Victoria.

Unlike other television dramas, Victoria has been especially popular, and the statistics for the U.K. state the ratings for Victoria since the end of August were an average of 7.7 million viewers per episode.

This statistic is impressive since the U.K. only has an estimated 65 million citizens. By contrast, according to TV Insider, America has 320 million people, and the most viewed television series in 2015, The Walking Dead, averaged 11 to 13 million per episode.

Of course, Queen Elizabeth has always been a fan of television, and some of her historic favorites have included quiz shows like Pointless. Queen Elizabeth also loves high-brow comedies like Keeping Up Appearances and Jeeves & Wooster. Queen Elizabeth also made headlines when insiders close to the crown alleged that she likes to watch Downton Abbey.

Nevertheless, there might be a reason that Queen Elizabeth is particularly fond of Jenna Coleman — and it has to do with her role before Victoria.

Queen Elizabeth is a fan of TV.

According to Mirror, it is rumored that Queen Elizabeth did not let the royal children watch TV except for a weekly episode of Doctor Who. Since Jenna Coleman was in the most recent episodes of Doctor Who, there is a chance that Queen Elizabeth has been following her career.

Interestingly, in a twist of fate, Jenna Coleman is starring in Victoria while her co-star on Doctor Who, Matt Smith, is now on The Crown as Queen Elizabeth’s husband, Prince Philip.

Thankfully, as long as Queen Elizabeth stays in good health, she can enjoy more episodes of Victoria and The Crown. Although they are new television series, The Crown Season 2 and Victoria Season 2 are already renewed by their networks for new 2017 episodes in America and the U.K.

[Featured Image by Stephen Pond/Getty Images]