Rush Limbaugh Raps Jay-Z’s ’99 Problems’ [Audio]

Rush Limbaugh recited the lyrics to Jay-Z’s “99 Problems” on his radio show Tuesday.

Jay-Z performed the song at a rally for President Obama in Ohio Monday. Limbaugh decided to dissect the song’s lyrics and draw irony from the misogynistic lyrics being played at an Obama rally when Democrats accuse Republicans of waging a war on women. Limbaugh said:

“Jay-Z, a noted rap figure in American pop culture, a noted Obama bundler and fundraiser and supporter, performed live with Obama who is the President of the United States at a campaign event in Columbus, Ohio yesterday. Now remember it is Obama and the Democrats who claim that it is the Republicans who are conducting a war on women. So here’s Mr. Z—who I think the most often used lyrics is ‘h**s’ and ‘b*****s’—is performing for the President of the United States and his supporters at a half-filled arena in Columbus, Ohio.”

Limbaugh then said Jay-Z changed the word “b****” to “Mitt” and repeated the lyrics while explaining the circumstances of the performance.

Limbaugh also said “we don’t know what’s in Mr. Z’s heart,” but it is known that there is a no love lost between Jay-Z and the conservative radio host. In the song “Off That” from his 2009 album The Blueprint 3, Jay-Z rapped, “his ain’t black vs. white, my n***a we off that / Please tell Bill O’Reilly to fall back / Tell Rush Limbaugh to get off my balls/ It’s 2010, not 1864.”

Limbaugh, when he learned he had been named in the song, said, “Is this – Snerdly, mark a new development in my career, to be singled out in a rap song by the famous rapper Jay-Z? I guess it is, I guess it’s – as far as I know, I’ve never been mentioned in a rap song by anybody. I guess it means I made it, I’m now in a rap tune by the famous rapper Jay-Z.”