Lamar Odom Desperate For Khloe Kardashian Reunion Post-Drug Addiction Battle: ‘I Just Want To Repay Her’

While his marriage has certainly come to an end, Lamar Odom is reportedly determined to reconcile with Khloe Kardashian, making it known that he’s a changed man.

The disgraced athlete, who was outed as a drug addict back in 2013, consequently lost his wife, his friends, and his position as a teammate for the Los Angeles Clippers in the midst of the scandal being brought to light.

It was further claimed that Lamar had cheated on Khloe with multiple women and was more or less leading a double life away from his then-wife, who was under the impression that Odom’s absence from their home late at night was due to basketball practice.

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The pain and suffering Lamar Odom put Khloe through was unbearable, which the father-of-two acknowledges in his latest interview with The Doctors, TMZ reports.

In a snippet from the show, earlier this week, Lamar admits that his actions toward Khloe at that given time were wrong and selfish, further adding that his substance abuse battle took over his life and his decisions — he was no longer in control of his own actions, which led him to irrational behavior.

Of course, it didn’t help to then find out that Odom had allegedly relapsed over the summer, which left Kardashian no other choice but to distance herself from her ex-husband, stressing that she couldn’t babysit someone who didn’t want to better himself.

Khloe kept her distance, as promised, and ended up falling in love with NBA player Tristan Thompson. But judging by Lamar Odom’s latest interview, it’s very clear to fans that the former athlete is determined to reconcile with Kardashian, all while letting viewers know just how difficult it was for the 37-year-old to get his act together and better his life.

According to Perez Hilton, Lamar confides in Dr. Travis Stork, admitting, “When you’re doing drugs, you become distant to everything. Even your feelings, you become numb to everything. Just to reinstate what we had as a family, it was important to me.

“Khloé is important to me. She’s been through all this with me. She stood by my side. I just want to repay her. The most important thing I took away from [rehab] is that I’m stronger than I give myself credit for being.”

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It’s said that Lamar has been doing tremendously well since completing his one-month rehab program, The Fix adds. He’s spending more time with his children, exercising on a regular basis, eating healthy, and keeping his mindset on the right path.

It would only make sense for Lamar Odom to at least try and see if Khloe Kardashian is still willing to forgive and forget, but considering the supposed fact that the 32-year-old has happily moved on with Tristan, whom she’s allegedly planning her future with, it doesn’t seem as if Khloe and Lamar will ever get back together.

Khloe has never denied the fact that she’s always loved Lamar, even after the news came out that he had cheated on her with multiple women. She’s stood by his side and even considered the idea of getting back with him following his overdose in October 2015.

But after learning of his relapse and his decision to not seek professional help for his struggle with drugs and alcohol, Khloe made it known that she was done with trying to support Odom’s actions and consequently moved on with her life.

Now, it may be too late for Lamar to try and make things right — especially with the news that Khloe is hoping to eventually get married and start a family with Tristan.

Do you think Lamar Odom can make things right with his ex-wife, or do you think he’s lost his chance?

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