Bono joins the blogosphere

U2 lead signer and global poverty campaigner Bono has joined the blogosphere, blogging for The Financial Times over the course of the Millennium Development Goals Summit.

Along with some colorful references to lyrics and the Manhatten skyline, Bono discusses the serious nature of the global poverty as discussed at the summit.

Some choice quotes:

Gridlock in the streets as well as the markets here. Yellow cab drivers red in the face as they honk their horns at the diplomatic motorcades hovering around the east side. I think I saw Prime Minister Wen walking in Central Park early morning, unless it was a decoy. The guns of the US secret service a few feet behind looked real enough. Maybe the premier was fed up of waiting at the lights.


It's a tribute to the generosity of Americans that they let this Irishman get away with quoting back at them The Declaration of Independence like it's the liner notes to my favourite Bob Dylan album (but it sort of is). Anyway we've now met with nearly a dozen of the presidential candidates in the course of their campaigns and of the four candidates left, three have declared their positions at, if you want to check them out.

You can follow Bono's blog on here.

(via Celebrity Truth)