Magnitude 7.5 Earthquake Hits Guatemala [Breaking]

Breaking news: A 7.5 magnitude earthquake has hit the coast of Guatemala.

Though the 2012 election will absorb much of the day’s news, breaking reports indicate that a 7.5 magnitude earthquake has struck Guatemala. People are currently evacuating Guatemala City, where the 7.5 quake hit the coast, reports MSN. Tremors were felt in San Salvador and Mexico City. Currently, no tsunami warning has been issued, even though officials are evacuating dense population centers.

The report of the magnitude 7.5 earthquake that hit off Guatemala’s Pacific coast was confirmed by the US Geological Survey, and was reported by Reuters witnesses.

The quake was centered roughly 28 miles southwest of Champerico, Guatemala, at a depth of 20.5 miles, according to the US Geo Survey. The quake had been initially reported at a magnitude of 7.3.

One Reuters witness in Guatemala City said that people were evacuating homes in some parts of the capital, and that fire-fighters and rescue workers had been put on alert.

Office workers were also reportedly evacuating buildings in Mexico City.

The northeast coast of the United States is also bracing for another wave of high winds and heavy downpours one week after Hurricane Sandy devastated New York and New Jersey. Parts of both states were again evacuated on Tuesday ahead of the rising nor’easter in the region. Though the storm won’t likely be as strong as Hurricane Sandy, it will make the coast’s recovery from the superstorm more difficult and long-suffering.

We’ll have more on the Guatemala earthquake as we get it. Until then, our thoughts are with those affected by the magnitude 7.5 quake.