Kim Kardashian Apparently ‘Not Having Sex With Kanye Right Now,’ Sources Say She’s Holding Out

Kim Kardashian is apparently holding out on Kanye West. Sources reportedly close to the celebrity couple claim that Kim is definitely “not having sex with Kanye right now.” Will the couple ever reconcile?

Kim Kardashian is reportedly still “healing” over the traumatic robbery on October 3, where the reality star was held at gunpoint, and cannot bring herself to have sex with her rapper husband, according to Radar Online.

kim kardashian apparently holding out sex on kanye west

“Kim is not having sex with Kanye right now and he is constantly complaining about how she is never affectionate with him.”

Sources reportedly close to Kardashian say that she blamed Kanye for lack of effort, but it is Kim who is actually never in the mood.

“Kim blames her lack of affection on the robbery.

“When Kanye questions why she doesn’t want to sleep with him anymore, she tells him that it is his fault that he does not try!”

kim kardashian apparently holding out sex on kanye west

The source claims that since the robbery, Kim and Kanye’s relationship has changed drastically.

“It seemed to some in her inner circle that Kim wanted Kanye for what he could do for her career.

“And now she treats him like c**p.”


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Kim Kardashian seems to think that Kanye West will remain loyal to her no matter what.

“It almost seems like she thinks that it does not matter what she does, because he will stick by her no matter what!”

The insider reportedly close to Kardashian didn’t seem to have much hope for the reality star and the rapper’s relationship.

“It looks like this is going to end badly.”

Kanye West also suffered a mental breakdown at the end of last year. Kim Kardashian remained by her husband’s side, but it was still buzzing that the two were struggling with their relationship.

Kim Kardashian has also been accused of using her toned-down post-robbery look for another money-making scheme, according to reports by the Inquisitr.

Kim Kardashian’s “simpler” look is all just a calculated money-making scheme to get even richer.

After Kardashian was robbed, people began blaming the reality star for bragging and over-sharing her luxurious life to a point where she almost made it easy for someone to locate her and steal from her if they wanted to.

Kim responded to the hate by reemerging with a simple, low-key image that helped to portray her as more of a victim than a wealthy snob who was robbed after Snapchatting her location.

It turns out, the reality star is just creating a new image for a new lookbook she wants to create.

“Kim is using these new photos to put together a series for a new photo book, which will follow her last book, Selfish.”

Kanye will also be using the new family image for the cover of his next upcoming album.

“In addition, Kanye is also planning on using photos from the series as a cover for his upcoming studio album.”

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