Michelle Obama’s Smirk Expressions While Donald Trump Takes Oath Drives Twitter Crazy — Former First Lady Not Impressed [Opinion]

The Twitter memes were bound to happen — even to a soon-to-be former first lady accused of being unimpressed during Donald Trump’s inauguration.

Michelle Obama’s expressions appeared to give smirks and the “side-eye” treatment during the festivities to mark the formal transition of power. While fashion enthusiasts were keeping a watchful eye on Michelle O’s choice of attire for the traditional event, Twitter users had other plans in mind.

According to The Hill, a photo of Mrs. Obama giving an uninterested side-eye expression while Trump took the oath of office has social media bending over in laughter swash-buckling, while supporters are crying foul behavior.

There was a shortlist of emotions you could have at Trump’s inauguration: you could celebrate and dance a jig when reality hits that your candidate won; you could laugh hysterically when you realize it’s not a dream; you could faint at the thought a reality TV boss without political experience made it to the high office; or you could protest and raise a storm — which will certainly get you arrested by the po-po. And, as The Hill quipped, you could silently protest like Michelle Obama.

The user, @SimonNRicketts, quipped that the former first lady was contemplating how much she wanted the event to be over so she can put some miles between her and the Trumps.

“Michelle’s inner voice. ‘Hawaii, Hawaii, let’s get the helicopter to Hawaii now.'”

Others on the micro-sharing site who didn’t take the meme route appeared to empathize with First Lady Obama.

The user @debrama45473649 said, “I know they are ready to leave.”

The user @thekatywalker said, “Poor, poor woman. It’s heartbreaking.”

Earlier, the Inquisitr wrote about how users on Twitter took notice of Michelle’s reaction during Melania Trump’s offering of a parting gift, reportedly something from Tiffany’s. The Obamas met the Trumps at the White House early morning ahead of the inauguration.

Social media users went bonkers with memes by pointing out Michelle’s expression at the time she received the wrapped box.

“The expression on Michelle Obama’s face when she turned toward the camera after receiving the gift is being called ‘priceless’ by those online, according to BuzzFeed.

“The former First Lady of the United States appeared not to know what to do with the box as Donald Trump and Barack Obama chatted and then gathered the ladies to pose for a photo.”

The White House transition marked an important point in the nation’s history. As one journalist pointed out, Americans should be happy to live in a country where the event has taken place yearly, even through war and peace times. The handing over of power from Obama to Trump came at a time during peace and there was no widespread anarchy — except for the obligatory pockets of protests around the country — and the event went off without major incidents.

Michelle Obama’s expressions are truly priceless and underscore how a person of her stature is constantly scrutinized and watched by fans and critics. The beauty of the Constitution’s freedom of expression allows everyone — no matter what side of the aisle you’re on — to poke fun even at the Office of the President. Where else in the world can you have memes of the president without being sanctioned — or worse?

Throughout Michelle’s time in the White House, she’s been under the microscope and watchful eyes of a camera’s lens. Arguably, she’s represented the Office of the First Lady with class distinction. In the final analysis, she’s human and can — at times — wear her emotions on her sleeves and in plain view. One can only imagine what her thought bubbles would read — if there were ever such a thing?

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