Barron Trump Targeted In ‘SNL’ Writer’s Vile Tweet, Demands To Fire Writer Hit Social Media [Opinion]

Barron Trump should never be the butt of a joke and there should be no exception to that rule. At the young age of 10, this should put Barron off limits for the world’s comedians. While many people agree with this, apparently one SNL writer didn’t get that common sense memo. If she had, there wouldn’t be a Barron Trump tweet causing a major issue for her today.

After major blowback, calls for her to be fired, and the threats to boycott NBC, Katie Rich is probably knee-deep in hindsight today. Pushing that send button and floating out that vile one-liner about Barron Trump is a deed that’s haunting the SNL writer online. Not only is social media saturated with comments about the Barron Trump-SNL writer tweet, but major news stations have also picked up this story and reporting it today.

The hosts of Fox and Friends Weekend were so furious over what was written about Barron Trump that it changed their individual demeanors while reporting on this tweet. Social media users were pretty much united on their thoughts about this tweet targeting the young Barron, with some demanding that NBC fire the SNL writer. Others plan to boycott SNL and still others promise to boycott NBC altogether.

The live Fox and Friends Weekend show on Saturday morning covered the new President Trump, his inauguration, and news about how the first family fared during this very special day. When it came around to reporting on the horrendous Barron tweet posted by SNL writer Katie Rich, the lighthearted conversation turned serious and their disgust was heard through the delivery of their words.

While it is not a secret that there are people out there who don’t like Donald Trump, his young 10-year-old, Barron, should be off limits, said the hosts on Fox and Friends Weekend. Katie Rich’s tweet was deleted as soon as a whisper of backlash was heard, but the screen grabs are still out there, offering up the evidence that it was once posted on social media. Fox News reports it was actually about three hours after the online community started ripping into Rich over her Barron tweet that she deleted the post.

As many people suggested today, this would never had been said about Barack and Michelle Obama’s daughters. This popular TV show would have never targeted Chelsea Clinton as a girl with a rather sick joke, such as the one tweeted about Barron.

Rich wrote, “Barron will be this country’s first homeschool shooter.” Why she even thought this would be funny is beyond comprehension for most people. Even the fans of the SNL show couldn’t find anything redeeming to offer up about Rich posting the tweet about Barron. This wasn’t a tweet that is covered by the excuse that “it was only a joke.” This horrendous tweet was not a joke on many different levels.

According to the website Elite, “Responses to her now-viral tweet insist she should be fired from SNL, and people are truly disgusted at the ‘joke’ that targeted the innocent 10-year-old.” While nothing about Barron being targeted as a joke in this tweet has been addressed by Donald Trump or his camp as of yet, people are waiting for this to happen.

The fact that she targeted Barron was bad enough, but the subject matter is not at all funny in a world where shooters are taking the lives of citizens on an almost-daily basis. Many mentioned this tweet as being derogatory towards Barron, but they also saw this at an attempt to make a joke out of this nation’s past school shootings.

Rich wasn’t the only one who took to the social media sites inappropriately poking fun at Barron Trump, but her tweet topped the “sick” scale. The word “sick” was used often in the backlash targeting this SNL writer across the social media sites. One of those many posts are seen below.

This woman is not only a professional writer for TV, but also an actress, according to her IMDb bio. It sounds like she’s someone who enjoys making a living by entertaining the masses. But did this tweet about Barron put her job in jeopardy?

While people are calling for the writer to be ousted from SNL, it remains to be seen if they’ll even toy with the idea. SNL is allegedly no fan of Donald Trump, or at least it appears that way by their comedy sketches that include some very disparaging remarks about the nation’s new president.

Despite the inappropriate targeting of Barron for the sake of a joke, the first son won over many hearts around the world with some of his antics on Friday. While President Trump’s inauguration was his big day, it was also a big hit for Barron Trump as the nation got to see the first son in a way they found endearing.

The majority of the world got a kick out of Barron Trump’s adorable display of keeping his baby nephew distracted. The baby was in Ivanka Trump’s arms when he got just a little bit fussy and Uncle Barron stepped in with a game of peek-a-boo. This was caught on video during the inauguration festivities yesterday.

Barron’s peek-a-boo act can be seen in a tweet below. Others found Barron taking somewhat of a big boy stand with his mom during a moment yesterday, yet another reason to smile. He was exercising his rite of passage as a preteen by snatching his hand back when she tried to hold his hand.

Barron pulling away from Melania when she attempted to hold his hand was seen by many as the normal actions of a 10-year-old. Apparently Barron wanted to appear more grownup than he would have appeared attached to his mom’s hand. Barron really was interesting to watch, often breaking up a rather boring moment that was going on around him.

There were the tweets commenting on Barron’s endearing deeds, then there were the others, like Rich’s tweet. It appears that for some reason this SNL writer thought that posting inappropriate things in jest about Barron was the only way to conjure up a laugh. Maybe she should have seen the goodness in young Barron, like the majority of other folks did on the social media sites. Then she could have taken a shot at conjuring up a smile with her words.

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