WWE News: New Tweet From Batista Suggests WWE Return Is Out Of The Question

Fans hoping to see Batista return to WWE after his brief and troubled 2014 run may want to temper their expectations, as “The Animal” took to Twitter earlier today to reply to a user’s comment and further suggest that he might not ever come back to WWE if asked to return.

Batista made his last WWE return on the January 20, 2014, episode of Monday Night RAW, re-debuting close to one month after vignettes were first aired to promote his comeback run. At that time, he was brought back as a babyface character, and it was also confirmed that he would be taking part in the 2014 Royal Rumble. But it didn’t take long for things to go wrong for the returning former WWE Champion.

Despite his erstwhile heroic status, Batista became the subject of major fan backlash at the 2014 Royal Rumble, as most of those in attendance at the Consol Energy Center in Pittsburgh wanted to see Daniel Bryan enter the Royal Rumble match and end up victorious. But not only was Bryan nowhere among the 30 men in the over-the-top-rope battle royal, it also became obvious late in the match that Batista was booked to win it and go on to face Randy Orton for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania XXX.

Batista was showered with boos when he went on to win 2014’s Royal Rumble match, and as Bleacher Report noted, he was caught on camera arguing with angry fans, giving them the middle finger and mocking Daniel Bryan’s “Yes!” chant. He was soon turned heel due to the negative post-Royal Rumble fan reactions, and after Bryan beat Triple H, then Orton and Batista at WrestleMania XXX to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, all three men who lost to Bryan that night had joined forces to reform the Evolution stable.

The Evolution reunion lasted just two months, though, as Batista “quit” the faction and WWE in June 2014, with the upcoming premiere of Guardians of the Galaxy as the real-life reason behind the storyline departure. But it wasn’t long before Batista’s WWE return was officially over, as he quietly left the company due to creative differences, simply choosing not to return after his comeback was so poorly received by fans.

Three years after the Royal Rumble 2014 debacle, it would appear that the man who now stars in Hollywood films under his real name Dave Bautista has no plans of ever coming back to WWE. The Inquisitr reported earlier this month that the 47-year-old wrestler is “done with WWE,” and won’t be allowing himself a more amicable sendoff through a retirement match either. Now, he’s reasserted his stance on the matter, replying to a fan on Twitter who commented that his 2014 run was a “complete waste.”

“Complete waste? I put your hero @WWEDanielBryan over at Mania and fought to keep Evokution [sic] together to put over The Shield. You’re welcome!”

The tone of his words may hint that Batista is still upset with the popularity and main event pushes of Daniel Bryan and The Shield (Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, and Roman Reigns), four wrestlers who were, in 2014, in their late 20s to early 30s and in the prime of their wrestling careers. But as “The Animal” clarified to Chris Jericho on an August 2014 episode of the Talk is Jericho podcast (quotes c/o Cageside Seats), he does respect Bryan specifically, and doesn’t blame him personally for the negative way he feels about WWE’s product.

“It wasn’t his fault, Daniel’s an incredible worker, he knows what he’s doing, he totally gets it. But they didn’t want him to come back selling, which drove me nuts, man, because we beat the hell out of the guy. The guy is getting pulled off on a stretcher, he gets off the stretcher, comes back and wins but is somehow mysteriously is all healed up the next night. But they didn’t want him selling and even at the end of the night we ended up giving him a bunch of finishes but he was right back up.

“That kind of stuff irks me to no end, man. It’s crap to me. It’s garbage. That’s not what we know, man.”

To sum it all up, we can expect more films from Dave Bautista going forward, including this year’s Guardians of the Galaxy 2, where he shall reprise his role as Drax the Destroyer. But as far as Batista making a WWE return is concerned, we shouldn’t expect him back with the company, so long as the wounds caused by the events of 2014 remain unhealed.

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