‘House Of Cards’ Season 5 Premieres May 30

Netflix finally released the date in which Season 5 of House of Cards will premiere on the streaming channel. The date, announced through a trailer on Inauguration Day, will be May 30, resulting in a wait of over one year since Season 4 was released.

House of Cards tweeted: “We make the terror,” with children reciting the Pledge of Allegiance Friday with fans of the Netflix finally relieved to know the date. It didn’t go unnoticed with the tone of the trailer and the timing of the release that they could be sending a political message as well.

The timing and release of the trailer was perfect for the show to regain their momentum from Season 4 on a day where the Donald J. Trump was sworn in as the 45th President of the United States. House of Cards’ release date being revealed on this day was no accident, and it was a smart business move by Netflix.

Knowing now when President Frank Underwood — played by Kevin Spacey — will be returning to the screen, now all of us must start thinking how his presidential campaign turned out. Will he return as the President of the United States in the fictional series, or will he face other challenges when House of Cards returns?

There are many stories left to be told in the series, and if the first four seasons are any indication of where Emmy- and SAG Award-nominated House of Cards is going, then Netflix will leave us with more surprises and cliffhangers than before.

Remember last season and how House of Cards ended? Variety rehashed the finale of Season 4, as Debra Birnbaum wrote this about last season’s House of Cards ending:

“The line is a recall of the quote from the season finale, when president Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) said, ‘We don’t submit to terror. We make the terror.’ His wife, Claire (Robin Wright), subsequently broke the fourth wall for the first time.”

Each season, House of Cards seems to take a different path than the season before, but it always gets back to the main focus of Frank and Claire Underwood, and that is one simple word: Power. The House of Cards couple held the highest power when we last saw them, but they were in a battle to keep it during a heated presidential election.

Underwood began the series back in 2013 as a Whip, but since then, the main character of House of Cards has progressed to being the vice president, then taking over the office as President of the United States when a resignation took place. Though Underwood was behind most of the occurrences for him to move up the political ladder, his character has become one where fans of House of Cards have come to love to see what happens next.

Even with what can be described as a unique and dark way to release the premiere date, House of Cards and Netflix drew a lot of interest and intrigue as to what will happen next, which makes it a binge watching must once May 30 arrives.

It will be exciting and surprising for sure with what will happen next, but you can bet Frank and Claire will have something up their sleeve — or will this be the season of House of Cards where everything comes crashing down, and there is no return?

Netflix has set the standards very high with the release of the trailer for the show. If they can top what has already been produced in the first four seasons, well, fans of the show might not be able to handle what will happen next, because, after the first four seasons of House of Cards, the trailer warned fans that the show would “bring the terror.”

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