‘Outlander’ Season 3: Caitriona Balfe On Jamie And Claire’s ‘Tender’ Reunion

Warning: This article may contain Outlander Season 3 spoilers.

Outlander Season 3 has been filming for several months in Scotland, and fans are clamoring for information on Jamie (Sam Heughan) and Claire’s (Caitriona Balfe) reunion. In Voyager, the third book in Diana Gaboldon’s Outlander series, the time-traveling couple reunites in a print shop after years of separation. According to producer Matthew B. Robert, the Outlander TV series will follow the book’s lead and also have Jamie and Claire meet at a print shop.

However, little else is known about what will happen to them after they lock eyes with each other once again in Outlander Season 3. Luckily, Caitriona Balfe spilled some details to Elle when she appeared at the Golden Globes.

“You can’t keep these two apart, really. We do spend some time on what both of the characters go through when they’re separated. We see a lot of Jamie’s life in those 20 years, and we see some of Claire’s. My story picks up where we left at the end of episode one, season two. So you’ll see definitely some Tobias Menzies, which is never a bad thing, I would say.”

Though Balfe said Claire and Jamie’s reunion scenes are “very heartwarming, very tender,” she admitted there will be tension between them.

“It’s also very fraught,” she said, “because I think anyone who’s spent any time apart from someone that they love, even if it’s just a long-distance relationship, once you see each other again, you have all the expectations, and you have all of the things that you think you’ll say, and the way you think it’ll go. Life’s never like that. I love that it’s kind of complicated.”

But will the reunion be steamy?

“It might be a little bit. I’m not a good objective judge of how steamy it is.”

Sam Heughan also teased the reunion in a recent interview with PopSugar.

“Time has passed, they become different people, but they do have this great love for each other and this great bond. Ultimately, that’s their saving grace, and what brings them back together. They have so much history. It’s really wonderful to play these characters who have moved on from where they were in Season 1, but, hopefully, you’ll see bits of what attracted them to each other in the first place.”

The handsome Scottish actor also spoke of his close relationship with co-star Balfe.

“Caitriona and I get on very well, and I’m very lucky,” Heughan said. “She’s extremely talented and an extremely nice person, and we have a lot of fun. Actually, having scenes away from her, and time apart from her, is kind of like losing someone in your family, a loved one. It’s very strange, and I don’t enjoy it. Whenever we’re together, it feels right, and I look forward to the days when we get to work together again.”


Meanwhile, the Scottish Sun reported that new Outlander Season 3 pictures of Heughan and Balfe have been released. The images — which were filmed in the Royal End area of Edinburgh, Scotland, last week — seem to show Jamie and Claire engaged in a heated argument. Fans also posted several pictures on social media of extras in 18th century costumes.

After Outlander cast and crew wraps in Edinburgh, they will go to Ayrshire to film at Dunure Castle, and then head to South America to complete production of Season 3.

Outlander Season 3 returns to Starz later this year.

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