Maine Murderer Keith Coleman Gets Life For Slaying Girlfriend And Her Two Children, Sexually Assaulting 8-Year-Old

On December 20, 2014, Garland, Maine resident Keith Coleman became a murderer when he senselessly took the lives of his girlfriend and her two young children. Last year, the 29-year-old pleaded not guilty to the charges of murdering 36-year-old Christina Sargent, 10-year-old Duwayne Coke, and 8-year-old Destiny Sargent, as well as to sexually assaulting the 8-year-old child.

In November, the Keith Coleman was convicted of the Maine triple murder, as well as for sex crimes perpetrated against Destiny. On Thursday, the convicted murderer finally learned his fate.

“I do in fact feel the pain of what everyone is going through and I miss Destiny and Duwayne. I hope you have mercy on me.”

As People reports, the convicted murderer begged Superior Court Justice Ann Murray for mercy at his sentencing hearing. He would receive only slightly more than he showed his murder victims as the judge meted out the maximum sentence for the slayings of life in prison. In addition to his life sentence, Keith Coleman was sentenced to serve a concurrent 30 years for the sexual assault of Destiny Sargent, reports Bangor Daily News.

According to Justice Murray, the life sentence handed down against the Maine murderer was the “only appropriate” one when taking both the crime and the defendant’s lack of remorse into consideration.

“Life is the only appropriate sentence. Since his initial interview with detectives, Mr. Coleman has shown very little remorse for these crimes. I find the defendant’s actions after the murders callous, cold and calculated.”

In addition to spending the rest of his life behind bars, Maine murderer Keith Coleman was also sentenced to be on the hook financially for his victim’s funeral costs in the case. According to prosecutors, Coleman will be able to continue earning money in prison (albeit a small amount), and he was ordered to pay back roughly $20,000 to the family of his three victims.

According to prosecutors in the case, Keith Coleman was particularly remorseless after murdering his girlfriend and her two children. Detectives claim that the Maine murderer killed the kids simply because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time, having seen him murder their mother.

After the brutal slayings by strangulation, it has been reported that Coleman’s thoughts turned to his finances. Incredibly, he stands accused of returning a recently-purchased Christmas gift that he’d gotten for 10-year-old Duwayne after brutally murdering the boy, his mother, and sister.

The convicted Maine murderer’s depraved callousness didn’t end there. Reportedly, Coleman also met with murder victim Christina Sargent’s mother after the triple murder and took back a “giant candy bar” that he’d gotten for his girlfriend for Christmas. From there, he drove to another city to spend time with friends and reportedly gave his slain girlfriend’s Christmas candy bar to one of his unwitting companions.

The next day, December 21, Kieth Coleman was arrested for the triple murders. He has been behind bars without bail for over two years awaiting trial and sentencing.

Now, it is unlikely that Maine murderer Kieth Coleman will ever breathe free air again.

Over the course of his three-week trial, Coleman refused to take the stand in his own defense. He also refused to take responsibility for the murders he’s been convicted of committing, passing the blame onto an unknown third-party.

“I feel responsible for [what happened] that day. I have been perceived as remorseless but I feel guilty about not being there to protect the ones I love.”

According to police and a recorded interview, Coleman admitted to murdering his girlfriend and the children when he was questioned in connection with the triple murder. Jurors watched Keith Coleman’s videotaped confession during the convicted Maine murderer’s trial.

“‘I did it,” said Coleman, according to the video. “I did it. I don’t want to say that word, but…I did it. I killed my girl.” When one of the detectives asked him whom he killed, he replied, “Chrissie and the kids.”

According to Christina Sargent’s mother, she and the family are “pleased” that her daughter and grandchildren’s murderer is facing the maximum sentence in the horrific triple slayings and sexual assault of her 8-year-old granddaughter.

“I am pleased that he got life sentence. I know he probably will appeal this, but, in my heart, I just feel a little bit of closure because to go to bed at night and just dream and just picture in my mind how those kids suffered and what was coming toward them and my daughter knowing that was going to happen to her children once she was gone.”

Christina’s mother added that her daughter was in love with Keith, and Keith violated that love and turned it against her.

“Chrissy was looking for love. And she thought Keith was it. So he took that love and he killed her with it, and my grandkids.”

It is expected that the legal defense team of murderer Keith Coleman will appeal his sentence to the Maine Supreme Court.

[Featured Image by Penobscot Judicial Center]