Barron Trump Nixes Mom Melania’s Hand-Holding Attempt In A Big Boy Move [Opinion]

Barron Trump went through the motions like a trooper at all the inauguration events he attended Friday, but the first son drew a line when it came to his mom, Melania Trump, offering a public display of affection. Barron quickly took his hand back when Melania went to hold it as the masses looked on. Barron made a move that most any preteen would make while out in public with his mom, he wasn’t about to be seen holding his mother’s hand.

It was during the walk down Pennsylvania Avenue when Barron made the big boy move of refusing to be seen in public holding his mom’s hand. Barron’s move was so subtle, that many may have missed it. The Mirror reports that Barron, “slipped his arm away like a pro.”

Barron’s face turned red right after he claimed his hand back from Melania as he walked down the street giving a forced wave now and then. You could see that he was attempting to follow suit in the moment, doing what everyone else was doing. As time went on, he appeared more relaxed and waved to the crowd like he meant it. There was also a picture of Melania and Barron that has made the rounds online. It is a photo in which the 10-year-old is having his tie adjusted by the hand of his very attentive mom, but Barron doesn’t look very pleased about mom doting on him in public.

Melania Trump adjusts Barron Trump's tie

Barron didn’t appear to welcome Melania’s tie adjustment while surrounded by the prying eyes of the crowd. The picture shows the first son looking down as mom fiddles with his tie. Barron’s face appears to be in the initial stage of turning red as Melania smiles at this little man in her life. As the Sun suggests, Barron “didn’t appear too impressed at his mother’s antics.”

All eyes were on Barron Trump inaugural day, especially because he was missing from the family group for all Thursday’s events. He was in Washington D.C. on Thursday, as pictures of him getting off the plane with Melania were posted online. He just wasn’t at any of the events of the day, but just 24 hours later, Barron was front and center.

Barron Trump gives a thumbs-up to the crowd

Barron Trump is consistent about one thing, when he’s had enough of the hoopla he certainly doesn’t hide it. The youngster breaks out in a bout of yawning, which was seen Friday as well as at two other events before his father become President Trump. What 10-year-old kid do you know who can sit at attention through hours of events that would be considered boring to any youngster?

Even some adults have a hard time sitting at attention through drawn-out speeches, but kids can’t help it. The country has seen famous adults like Bill Clinton and Joe Biden slip in a wink or two when sitting in the audience of a speech. Kids in Barron’s age group are just not wired to sit still and stay attentive for very long, especially for something they have no interest in.

It is going to be a long four years, and maybe even eight, for the first son. Friday’s events all around D.C. gave the nation a wonderful snapshot of Barron. A window was opened for the masses to get a look at this normal 10-year-old boy being ushered around the nation’s capital for the sake of ceremony. At one point during the day, President Trump sat at a desk to sign the traditional executive orders, which are signed at the start of every new administration. Each time he signed a document he used a new pen and handed the pen out randomly to someone in the group surrounding him. The group consisted of Trump’s family and big-name politicians, like Nancy Pelosi.

Barron stood behind his father and looked over his shoulder, but his attention turned to his baby nephew when the infant started to get fussy. In a move that captured the heart of the nation, Barron played peek-a-boo with the tot, who was in Ivanka Trump’s arms. It was adorable how Uncle Barron came to the rescue. Barron not only entertained that baby, but he gave the viewers at home a much-appreciated distraction from watching all those documents get signed by President Trump.

Barron Trump whispers to Dad, President Trump

The viewers at home watched Barron share a couple of laughs with his dad, while you couldn’t hear what was said, you knew it pleased the first son. Barron’s smile, which is seen above, offered up more than enough evidence. Barron sipped from a covered cup, the type that holds a hot beverage, as he sat in the viewing area for the parade. He yawned periodically and rubbed his face, earlier in the day, but seemed to have caught a second wind during the parade. One thing is for sure – the nation learned a lot about Barron during the events on Friday. One point that Barron got across was that he was not eager to be doted on by mom in public.

[Featured Image by Pablo Martinez Monsivais/AP Images]