Ohio Teen Mom Shayla Rudolph Arrested After Posting Facebook Live Video Of 2-Year-Old Son Taped To Wall

Shayla Rudolph, a teen mom from Ohio, has been arrested after posting a Facebook Live video in which she’d taped her 2-year-old son to the wall as a form of discipline. The little boy could be seen frantically crying, his arms, legs, and head secured to the wall with packing tape.

While the video shows Shayla Rudolph’s son hysterically and frantically crying, the sound was muffled. That’s because the teen mom is also accused of taping the toddler’s mouth shut during the shocking incident, which first appeared online on January 1.

During the disturbing Facebook Live stream, Fox News reports that Ohio mom Shalya Rudolph bragged about her treatment of her small son to the camera.

“Parents don’t need to whoop the kids. All you gotta do is tape them to the wall.”

The Facebook Live video depicting the nearly unthinkable act of mistreatment went on for roughly 20 minutes, and had (according to Rudolph) been sparked by her son’s misbehavior.

While she tormented her toddler for the camera, Shayla Rudolph also apparently taunted Child Protective Services, sarcastically inviting authorities to came and take her misbehaving two year old.

“Go ahead and call Children’s Services now, they can go ahead and take ’em.”

The original Facebook Live video posted by Shayla Rudolph was taken down, but due to the nature of the Internet, copies of the footage are still floating around. In one clip, the Ohio teen mom can be seen kissing her son as he frantically tries to free himself from the wall.

“You’ve got the best mommy in the whole wide world. Don’t make me put more tape up there. Now sit still. You can see the TV from right there”

On January 5, just days after the Ohio teen mom posted her unique flavor of “discipline” online for the world to see, Franklin County Children’s Services did make contact. As Fox 28 reports, Shayla Rudolph responded to the visit by telling Children’s Services employees that the Facebook Live video was simply a joke. Additionally, the Ohio teen made a second video chronicling her experience with social services.

Shayla Rudolph told her loyal Facebook Live viewers that social services had shown up to investigate the incident of her taping her 2-year-old to the wall, adding that she was now disciplining the child by having him stand in the corner.

An unapologetic Rudolph also said in the second video that the 2-year old was her son, and that, “she could hang him upside down if she wanted to.”

Not everyone was satisfied with how the case of Ohio teen mom Shayla Rudolph was handled, though. This week, local news stations ABC 6 and Fox 28 brought the disturbing Facebook Live video to the attention of Reynoldsburg police, who reviewed the footage on Wednesday. On Thursday morning, Shayla Rudolph was arrested at her Ohio home.

In an encounter with a local news reporter, Shayla Rudolph’s demeanor was much different than what was displayed in the Facebook Live video in which she bragged about taping her child to the wall. Handcuffed and escorted by a police officer, the Ohio teen mom refused to answer questions and appeared to be trying to hide her face with her hair.

She was charged with third degree felony abduction.

Despite her withdrawn reaction to being interviewed by the media at the time of her arrest, Shayla Rudolph was all smiles in her mugshot.

After the teen mom’s arrest, her 2-year-old son was taken into the custody of Franklin County Children’s Services. Authorities say that the boy was taken into state’s custody “for his safety.”

If convicted, Rudolph faces up to five years in prison; the minimum sentence for the third-degree felony is nine months behind bars. It is unclear whether or not Ohio teen mom Shayla Rudolph has retained legal counsel, and her bond has been set at $20,000.

[Featured Image by Franklin County Sheriff’s Office]