George Michael’s Death Clouded With Theories And Suspicions

Three weeks after the discovery of George Michael’s lifeless body, the circumstances surrounding the singer’s death remains an enigma. The artist left the world this Christmas due to a heart attack at his Goring-On-Thames mansion in Oxfordshire. The police initially did not consider the 53-year-old singer’s death suspicious, but the inconclusive results of the autopsy has added more shades of doubt than conviction of a natural death. A toxicological test will now be conducted but its results are not expected for several weeks.

Drugs had been well documented in George Michael’s past and the artist never bothered to deny that. In fact, according to his own confession, he came to smoking 25 cigarettes of cannabis a day. The drug theory has become an existing hypothesis to explaining his death. The British press has echoed rumors of an alleged use of heroin by Michael, but George’s environment has categorically denied this addiction.

Also, to try to reconstruct the days before George Michael’s death and identify the individuals who last saw him alive, police have contacted an agency whose photographers captured a number of people entering and leaving the mansion of the musician shortly before his death. Michael, whose real name was Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou, was last seen on Christmas Eve watching a procession through the window of his house. On December 25 in the morning, his partner since 2009, the hairdresser Fadi Fawaz, found him dead in bed. The police interrogated him for hours as a witness, and Fawaz was quick to point out that he has not been charged.

Fawaz spoke of the tweets in which he reported that George wanted to die, though he later mentioned that his account had been hacked during this time. The Sun has published statements from unidentified sources suggesting that the former leader of Wham! had tried to break up with his partner several times over the past 18 months. “Lies. It’s time for you to believe in love,” he defended himself on Twitter.

The singer was a very generous philanthropist who financially supported various charity groups and individuals in need, that too without flaunting it. His fortune is estimated at 105 million pounds (about $120 million), but that number will soon run short thanks to royalties. According to Nielsen Music, his music sales increased by more than 2,600 percent in the United States alone. Reports indicate that George’s sisters and his godchildren will be the beneficiaries of George’s will.

George Michael's death
People arrive with bunches of flowers to lay in tribute outside the north London home of British singer George Michael on December 26, 2016, after news of the singer's death broke.


The remains of the singer, who was working on a documentary about his life, are expected to rest with his mother at Highgate Cemetery, but due to the state of the investigation at the moment, there is no confirmed date for burial or funeral. Among the events planned to celebrate his vital and artistic legacy is a rumored tribute concert with the performance of stars such as his friend Elton John. But all this will still have to wait until the mystery of his death is clarified.

George Michael's death, card
Messages are seen among the flowers, candles and other offerings left in tribute outside British singer George Michael's home, where the singer died on Christmas Day, in the village of Goring, southern England, on December 28, 2016.

Michael is believed to have died due to a heart failure and the possibility has been ruled out that there have been any suspicious circumstances involving his death. “I just think he took a lot of something, which he mixed with antidepressants, other drugs and alcohol. His heart simply stopped beating,” said Andros Georgiou, a childhood friend who maintained a family relationship with the singer, to the point of being called cousins.

According to his testimony, Michael had begun to consume hard drugs, and crack was his “favorite,” but he denied that he had hooked up with heroin. Although he confirmed that he was determined to try to quit his addictions, he hinted that other people and his influence “dragged him back to the dark side.” Researchers are also trying to identify the vehicles that were close to the singer’s property to try to get a picture, as accurate as possible, of how the artist’s final days were. While awaiting the results of the final toxicology report, some reports have stated that he may have suffered a drug overdose.

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