John Boehner To Talk ‘Fiscal Cliff’ Today As GOP Contends With Obama Victory

House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) has commented on last night’s historic re-election of President Barack Obama, congratulating his victory and immediately turning his attention to the “fiscal cliff” faced in the new year and how the situation will be addressed now that a path has been chosen by the electorate.

John Boehner’s “fiscal cliff” comments will be expounded upon this afternoon during a statement he plans to make in Washington, D.C., to address the challenges faced in the legislative branch after Obama was elected to a second term as the House breakdown remains GOP-heavy at 240 Republicans and 190 Democrats.

As Boehner focuses on the “fiscal cliff” issue, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid reached out to the other side of the aisle on Tuesday. Reid expressed hope that bipartisan compromise would follow Obama’s re-election and the era of gridlock ushered in after the 2010 mid-term elections would be put aside in favor of progress for the American people:

“I look at the challenges that we have ahead of us and I reach out to my Republican colleagues in the Senate and the House. Let’s come together. We know what the issues are, let’s solve them.”

Speaking Sunday about the “fiscal cliff” on CNN, John Boehner set the bar low for coming talks to address the issue. He said:

“Lame-duck Congresses aren’t known for doing big things and probably shouldn’t do big things, so I think the best you can hope for is a bridge.”

After Obama’s win was solidified, Boehner sent both congratulatory tweets as well as some suggesting that the GOP was ready to come more to the center and work on the “fiscal cliff” issue:

Congratulations to President & Mrs. Obama, and VP & Dr. Biden

— John Boehner (@johnboehner) November 7, 2012

Thank you to Mitt, Paul, & their families for carrying banner of our party & principles w/strength, grace, & courage

— John Boehner (@johnboehner) November 7, 2012

If there’s a mandate, it’s for parties to work together to help our economy grow #4jobs — critical to solving debt

— John Boehner (@johnboehner) November 7, 2012

Boehner is set to address the “fiscal cliff” at 3:30 pm today in a statement.