The Birth Of Eaglet, E9, Brings Joy To Bird Lovers Worldwide

No one can resist how cute baby animals really are. It is not surprising to see how the birth of baby animals draws huge crowds to zoos. We have seen how enchanted people really are when they see baby pandas at the zoo. Animal lovers want to see that baby animal and be a part of the exciting moment. People take photos of the baby animal to post on social media to share them with family and friends. As for children who see the baby animal, their expression is priceless.

When the Southwest Florida Eagle Cam recorded the birth of eaglet E9 on December 31, 2016, millions of people were watching that magical moment when this eaglet hatched out of its egg. The birth of E9 was a joyous occasion that bird lovers across the world shared together.

An eagle takes flying lessons in Sydney, Australia. [Image by Cameron Spencer/Getty Images]

The proud parents of E9 are the bald eagle Harriet and her mate M15 who will be taking care of E9 around the clock. Both parents partake in the duties of raising their eaglet that include hunting, feeding the eaglet and protecting the nest from predators.

The nests that eagles build for their young are called aeries, which eagles build on a tall tree or a rocky ledge. Instead of constructing a new nest, eagles fortify the old aeries by adding more materials to the existing nests. By nature, eagles are birds that conserve their resources.

The nest where E9 was born, making Harriet and her mate M15 very proud parents, is located in Fort Myers Florida off of Bayshore Road on the property of Dick Pritchett Real Estate. This is a wonderful example of how an honorable business like Dick Pritchett Real Estate helps nature and beloved birds such as eagles thrive. More places of commerce should be nature-friendly.

During this time of global warming, it is more important than ever for businesses to be surrounded by more trees. It is good for all of us to live in a world with better air quality, for trees help to purify the air that we breathe. Of course, they can also provide nests for eagles and many other types of birds whose song will help to soothe us from the hustle-bustle of daily life.

The average amount of eggs that a female eagle lays are two. Harriet laid two eggs, but the other eggs will not hatch since it takes 34 to 40 days for an egg to hatch. It is quite common that all of the eagles' eggs do not hatch. In fact, Eagles have a 50 percent hatch rate.

At the International Centre for Birds of Prey in England, Helen McSweeney takes care of a White Tailed Sea Eagle. [Image by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images]

There was a time when the American bald eagle, which is a symbol of the United States, which is native to North America, was endangered. Thanks to the research and hard work of scientists, environmentalists, biologists and conservationists the bald eagle is no longer an endangered species.

The Bald Eagle and Golden Eagle Protection Act has also helped to save eagles from extinction. This law was first passed in 1940 and was amended in 1962 and 1972. Even though bald and golden eagles are no longer endangered, this law still continues to be enforced. After all, since eagles are majestic birds and symbols of America, a great democracy, we really never want them on the endangered list ever again.

As E9 continues to grow, many people will continue to watch how this eaglet thrives. When Harriet and her mate E9 begin to teach E9 to fly, the world will continue to watch all of those special moments. After all, no one will want to miss that magical moment when E9 will be able to fly away from the nest.

[Featured Image by Win McNamee/Getty Images]